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Ever wonder why everyone else seems to be having all the fun?  

Could it be that having a dream is only half the equation?  

It takes action to make dreams into reality!  

At Windsong taking action is both affordable and fun!  

Call today to see what the future could hold in store for you!

"Sailing instruction is only a part of the Windsong experience.  Each class is designed to maximize fun and social interaction while developing skills and understanding of sailing."

Lake Lanier Digest


"Windsong provides the opportunity to sample sailing inexpensively to see if you like it."

    Atlanta Magazine


All programs are designed for individuals, couples, and families who want to learn in a fun and supportive atmosphere.


"Sail Away with Windsong Sailing Academy"


Looking for that special activity to share with someone special?  

Let Windsong help you make that happen!


Looking for that special activity to share with someone special?  

Let Windsong help you make that happen!


Power boating is about reaching a destination.

Sailing is about embarking on a life long adventure!


Come join us 
for the first day
 of the rest 
of your life!


At Windsong we provide thorough training from A-Z.  

Spot training does not produce spotless sailors!


Come let the wind set you free!


Is Not The End
Of Your Training.

IT'S NOT... 
Even The
Of The End.

Be The End Of
 The Beginning.

You Must Continue To Train The Rest Of Your Life

BECAUSE... Sailing Will Change Your Life.  

Training Will Continue To Enhance Your Enjoyment And Safety. 


The virtue of a man is not in what he knows, but in knowing what 
he doesn't.


Windsong Sailing Academy

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Windsong Is Different


-No Annual Dues!
No Deposits Required!
-Affordable Parks and  
Recreation Sponsored

- Repeat Any Ground
   School For Free,
      For Ever!
-Fully Refundable
 4 Day Before Class!


For your convenience and safety review our "Guidelines For Participation". Your registration and participation in our programs implies your knowledge of and agreement with these terms.  

  • A Complete Curriculum of Introductory and Continuing Education Programs. 

  • Over 24 excellent programs from which to choose!  More than any other school! 

  • An incredibly flexible array of options, classes, dates, times, boats and locations. 

  • A.S.A. and U.S. Sailing year round certification options.

Don't get fooled, 
    You can learn the basic mechanics of sailing in a weekend or two, 
 Sound judgment and safe habits only come through practice 
over an extended period, 
and at Windsong
our outings are priced to encourage you to sail all season 
for less than you'd spend for a single course at other schools!

Sequence Of Classes:
You can take the following ground school classes in any order except where "Pre-requisites"are noted, but you must take the ASA written exams in numerical order

You can begin your sailing outings while waiting for the ground school dates or the ground school classes while waiting for openings on a sailing outing.  It doesn't matter which you begin first, you'll enjoy and learn from the very first moment of your experience!

All "100" level classes are ground schools, and "200" levels are the on-the-water counterparts for the "100" level classes.  All of the "300" level classes are non certification programs and are provided as electives for enrichment and sailing enjoyment. 

Continued Learning:
Experience has taught us that sailing and navigation knowledge and abilities get rusty without frequent and regular use.  Many schools only offer courses, but at Windsong we offer solutions.  Our solution to learning is fun and methodical in practice and availability. Our programs are offered year round in several convenient locations. Once you complete your ground school classes, you can return year after year to audit these fine programs at no additional cost.  This policy is designed to ensure "Success Without Stress!" This ensures that your knowledge and abilities remain current and continue to advance year after year.  Our continuous on-the-water sailing outings are scheduled separate from ground school classes and are available to you at your convenience.

A.S.A. Certification Exams:
Windsong conducts sailing programs for the Parks and Recreation Service as an adult sport and recreation facility.  For that reason not all of our students desire certification.  To offer the most affordable and attractive programs possible the cost of certification is not included in our fees stated below, since there are many students who are not interested in the certification option.  Those who do desire certification can elect that option at anytime during their training.  A.S.A. certification consists of a written exam followed by demonstration of skills, knowledge and abilities on-the-water.  Written exams are available for 101,103,104,105 & 106 programs for an additional $65. The sailing exams are conducted during the regular sailing outings at no additional cost. 

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Course Map

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               Ground School Classes               
All Classes are $199, unless otherwise noted
To take advantage of the Early Bird Discount ($179)
payment must be received  60 days before class date.

Weeknight Classes:  
         Tucker Recreation Center 
6:30-9 pm
Weekend Classes:   
        Saturdays - Tucker Recreation Center 
        Sundays   - Snug Harbor Boats Sailing Center
                        - Sunrise Cove Marina.

BKB-101: Basic Keelboat Sailing Theory
You'll learn proven tricks and easy-to-master methods for safe and easy sailing as this 5-hr ground school course simplifies the elements of sailing while covering the physics and theory of how everything really works!  This course is approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the U.S. Coast Guard as a recognized Safe Boating Course. As such, it meets all requirements for mandatory education and licensing for every state in the United States. This is a fun class!  Come join us.  You'll be glad you did!  In conjunction with this ground school class, students book Sailing Outings at their convenience. Check our Calendars for class dates and times.  Checkout some terms you may have always wondered about. 
Requirements: The desire for adventure and excitement!  
Click to read the A.S.A. Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard (101)

BCC-103: Basic Coastal Cruising 
If coastal cruising is your desire, attend this two evening cruising school conducted in our classroom facility in Atlanta, then choose one of our coastal locations for a follow up three day adventure to complete your training.  You'll learns all our trick and tips for success! Check our   Calendars for class dates and times. 
Click to read the A.S.A. Basic Coastal Cruising Standard (103)

BBC-104: Bareboat Chartering   
If chartering is in your future, our two-evening Atlanta based chartering program will prepare you.  After the ground school, you'll choose one of our coastal locations for your three day ocean training where you'll complete your understanding of the knowledge and skills required. This class will ensure that your first charter experience will be memorable for all the right reasons! Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 
Click to read the A.S.A. Bareboat Chartering Standard (104)

CON-105: Coastal Navigation    
Now you too can charter your own vacation along the waterways.   Complement your skills with the security of understanding how to do your own navigation using marine charts and other government publications. 
Our extensive curriculum consist of a sequence of three individual courses.

CON-105-a: This three-evening 7 1/2 hr program will cover the chart plotting techniques and navigation theory (Bow & Beam Bearings, DR, EP, RF, Fix, 60DST, Danger Bearings, Tides & Depth calculations) for easy and successful cruising.  This course includes an exhaustive survey of the government and private publication every prudent mariner should be aware or have on board. Course Fee: $199, Supplies: $20   
Requirements: A basic calculator and pencil.  

This 5 hr classroom "Cruise" provides the application and practice of the theory learned in the navigation core theory class.  Many programs only "Discuss" the navigation tools.  This class provides the opportunity to apply and practice your theory knowledge during an extensive classroom cruise designed to stretch and solidify your understanding and skills.
Course Fee: $199
Requirements: A CON-105a.  

This 3 hr Lake Lanier on-the-water navigation "Challenge" offers the reality of navigating in a constantly moving environment presenting real world issues and opportunities to consolidate and solidify your navigation knowledge, skills and tricks learned in our earlier programs in this excellent navigation sequence of classes.  Limit 7 Students.
Course Fee: $70   
Requirements: A CON-105b.  
Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 
Click to read the A.S.A. Coastal Navigation Standard (105)

ACC-106: Advanced Coastal Cruising   
Pre-requisites: BKB-101, BCC-103, BBC-104, CON-105 
Gain the knowledge and abilities to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel 30 to 50 feet sailing day or night in any conditions.  Emphasis will be on seamanship, watch rotation systems and advanced physics including storm sail sheeting options, CE/CLR relationships, heave-to combinations, lying-a-hull, sea drogues, rafting, dinghy issues, anchor watches, towing bridles, dismasting, grounding, engine maintenance, spar and rigging maintenance and radar. Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 
Click to read the A.S.A. Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard (106)

CEL-107: Celestial Navigation
4 Class nights.  Course Fee: $399.  Sextant rental fee: $25
Pre-requisite: CON-105

Never again rely upon expensive and often unreliable electronic navigation equipment.  Learn the age old true and tried methods of celestial navigation in this four-evening class which covers navigation using the sun, moon, stars and planets. 
Check our 
Calendars for class dates and times. 
Class Location: Sandy Springs United Methodist Church.

Requirements: A Trig Calculator.  Pre-requisite: Coastal Navigation 105.
Synchronize your watches: 
(Click Here For Time Site) 

MM-300: Marine Meteorology       
Don't leave the docks until you understand nature's effect on your comfort and safety.  This excellent two-evening class is quite in-depth and covers the practical issues of meteorology whether for the family picnic or an offshore passage! 
Check our 
Calendars for class dates and times. 

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                     Sailing Outings                      
(From Holiday Marina & Aqualand Marina facilities)

Tennis Shoes or Boat Shoes.
Personal Rain gear. 
Zippered Gear Bag for personal items. 

Jeans With Riveted Pockets, or Dresses.
Open Toe Sandals, Boots or Black Sole Shoes.  

ISL/ISA-201: Instructional Sailing Outings (Lanier & Allatoona)
2 hrs $70.  
Early Bird Discount ($65), for reservations made 60 days before the outing.
Whether you've just taken the Basic Sailing Theory ground school or you're waiting for the next class offering, join our weekly weekend two-hour sailing outings on Lake Lanier.  The sailing outings are designed to compliment the ground school programs with "hands on" training. Depending on the size vessel, classes are limited to 4 or 5 students.  Enjoy our fleet of tiller and wheel vessels ranging from 20 to 28 ft.  You decide when to sail and for how long.  Select one or several outings combined for a full day of fun filled instruction. Sail with us all season or until you've achieved your personal goals.  Private outings are available, so invite your friends along for a leisurely sail aboard one of our private captained adventures! Basic Keelboat certification is available upon completion of the written exam and the sailing skill sets. Although the Basic Sailing Theory ground school is highly recommended in conjunction with the sailing outings, they are not a requirement due to our "open campus" approach conducted by the Parks and Recreation programs. We teach you how to sail on the water, but the ground schools are intended to help you understand the physics and theory of how it all works.  It doesn't matter which you learn first, but for a more complete understanding and enjoyment you really should plan to attend both!  We train in realistic conditions, so come wind, no wind, rain or shine all outings are conducted whenever we can ensure your safely, so come prepared to experience all the gusto!  How can you sail without wind, you say?  There are many skill sets to master before becoming a competent sailor.  Many are not wind related.  Anchoring, departing, docking, marlinspike, boat systems, radio communications, rules of the road, meteorology and navigation are just a few of the drills that we conduct during those brief periods of wind lulls.   Check our
Outings web page for dates and times. 

BCB-203/204: Coastal Classes                                  
No Prior Experience Or Boat Ownership
    BCC or BBC   - 4 days: $1099
    BCC and BBC - 5 days: $1499
Requires Prior Experience Or Boat Ownership
    BCC or BBC   - 3 days:

Upon completion of the Basic Coastal Cruising (BCC) and/or Bareboat Charter (BBC) ground school classes, travel to our facility in Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda (near Ft. Myers Florida) to apply your new knowledge as you navigate the tidal waters of Charlotte Harbor. You'll gain valuable experience sailing in the bay, offshore, and along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). 

You should plan your travel to arrive Thursday night and make reservations to stay at one of the local Inns or Burnt Store Marina Inn.  Friday morning at 9 am you'll come aboard to spend four days sailing the bay, ocean and ICW. At least one night will be spent at anchor and one in a marina where you'll dine with your classmates by the waterside.  Evaluations on the final day will end around 3 pm.

This can be an exotic vacation outing or a challenge of the A.S.A. Basic Coastal Cruising or Bareboat Charter "on-the-water" certification.  With special approval, both certifications may be combined for a 5 day class provided that everyone in the class agrees and are strong candidates to challenge both certifications. To combine certification with a mini vacation, additional days can be added at $295 per day.  If you'd feel more comfortable with the volatility of weather, airlines, your health and business conflicts you may elect to purchase travel insurance to cover these risks.  You may choose from many fine underwriters including Insure My Trip.

Check our Calendars for class dates and times. 

ACC-206: Advanced Coastal Cruising   
Pre-requisites: BKB-101, BCC-103, BBC-104, CON-105 
Requires Prior Experience Or Boat Ownership

  5 days: $1699, ASA Certification Written Exam included. 
No Prior Experience Or Boat Ownership

  6 days: $1899, ASA Certification Written Exam included. 

  7 days: $2199, ASA Certification Written Exam included. 
Gain the knowledge and abilities to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel 30 to 50 feet sailing day or night in any conditions.  Emphasis will be on seamanship and navigation.  Depending on the program selected, you'll sail in the Gulf from Punta Gorda to either Venice or Naples or to the Dry Tortugas, depending on the weather. You will stand watch, navigate and oversee all aspects of the operation of the vessel.  All meals, except dinners when in port, and docking is included in the cost of the course.  
Check our 
Calendars for class dates and times. 

MSS-301: Sunset/Moonlight Cruises                                  
3 hrs $70

During the summer, join one of our monthly social outings and enjoy the companionship of your "someone special" and that of others aboard your relaxing sail into the sunset! Light snacks and  soft drinks are provided during the Saturday evening cruises to complete your special evening on the water.  Even if "Romance Isn't In The Air", it is still a great way to introduce a "non sailor" to the joys of being on the water, so make reservations to bring your "special significant other" along to share the evening. Check our Outings web page for dates and times. 

FUN-302: Fun Sails                                  
2 hrs $70

So you think you've learned it all.  So you've completed most of your training and you think you're ready to Bareboat Charter.  How do you find out for sure, without actually going and doing it?  Already know how to sail, but don't own a boat or know crew to go sailing with?  Sound familiar?  Weekend "Fun Sails" are an opportunity for you come down and rent the boat.  Go where ever your heart desires and do whatever pleases you.  The boat can accommodateup to 5 students per trip, so you all better take a vote, but there will be no instruction.  You'll be running the boat, just as if you had Bareboat Chartered the boat. We put a Captain on-board for insurance purposes, but you can sail the boat anywhere you desire for 2 hours!  Advance reservations are required.  Our "Fun Saturday" sails, "Wonderful Wednesday" and "Fantastic Friday" evenings are designed for those who'd like to set their own course and experience exercising their own judgment and knowledge.  Not everyone can arrive at the docks by 6:30 on a weekday evening but for those who can, this could represent a tremendous value.  If not, just join us for the Saturday Fun Sail Outings. Perhaps you don't own a boat nor know anyone else to go sailing with.  "Fun Sails" provide many opportunities to existing students to go sailing with the safety and comfort of a Captain on board, but you make all the decisions and do all the work as these outings are not instructional.  Check our Outings web page for dates and times. 

BVI-304: British Virgin Islands
7 days $1995

If you've never been to the B.V.I., this is the trip for you!  Everyday is an adventure with plenty of sailing between anchorages and nearby spots for snorkeling.  You'll get loads of hands on experience sailing and navigating your way through paradise!

GREECE-305: Greek Islands
7 days $2895

Come participate in the trip of a lifetime as we sail the waters the great masters once traversed for an exciting sailing and cultural adventure. Discover Athens, Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Dokos, Milos, Ios, Santorini, Antiparos, Paros, Mykonos and Kea over 14 days or depart/join the cruise from Ios for 7 day participants or Paros for 10 day participants.  The greek islands offer sun-kissed beaches, secluded coves, fine dining, exquisite shopping, exceptional nightlife and so much more.

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                    Special Programs                      

GM-320: Meal Preparation & Safety                                
1 evening seminar $69 (3-Hr Class only at the Sailing Center)
Just because you'll be cooking aboard and not in your fully equipped home kitchen doesn't mean you're limited to hamburgers and hotdogs!  Our professional gourmet chef will teach you the tricks and techniques of meal planning, preparation, food preservation and spoilage prevention afloat.  Without proper training in hygiene and procedure, your trip could become memorable for the wrong reasons. During class you'll discuss meal preparation and safety as well as a variety of great cruising dishes including a Beef, Chicken and Fish delight!   This class is critical for those planning a cruise, preparing a holiday meal at home, or picnics outdoors. Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 
Click Here For More Info

NSM-330: Nutrition, A Sailor's Best Mate                   
1 evening seminar
$49 ("Early Bird" $39 if register 60 days in advance) 

Nutrition is not an accurate science and neither is sailing.  Combining the worst of the two can be dangerous.  Nutrition is of considerable interest to the mariner. This program will cover  the basic interrelationships between the chemistry of nourishment and the ability of the body to reason, endure stress, and survive the elements.  Additionally, nutritional protocols for safe sailing, first aid and remedies for various symptoms will be discussed. Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 

RACE-340: Racing Clinic                   
2 evening clinic
$289 (On-The-Water drills $70 for 2-hrs)

If you've ever wondered what regatta racing is all about, this clinic is for you.  This classroom discussion covers the rules of racing as well as the selection considerations for a club, boat, equipment, crew and events as well as the steps of crew orientation and development in addition to suggested practice drills and what goes on during a skipper's meetings prior to the race.  A list of  references that you'll want at your disposal for racing is included as well. Following the ground school clinic you can choose to participate in On-The-Water drills putting to practice the theory discussed in class. Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 

BUY-350: How To Buy The Perfect Boat                   
2 evening seminar

Okay the pain is unbearable you say.   You've got to have your own boat, but you don't know where to start.  Before you walk the docks or visit your nearest dealer you better join us for this intellectual logical discussion of the issues.  Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 
For some automated comparisons visit the following site (Click Here For Comparison Info)

ENG-360: Engine Maintenance                   
1 day seminar

Tackle those pesky seasonal issues with new knowledge and understanding.  Both gasoline and diesel engines including outboards will be discussed during this 5-hr program.  Basic troubleshooting of fuel, cooling,   electrical issues and seasonal maintenance will be covered.  Students will get to actually replace an impellor and bleed a fuel system.  Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 

12V-370: 12 Volt Systems
1 day seminar

Basic troubleshooting as well as proper installation of that new gadget on your boat will be covered during this 5-hr program. A discussion of charging systems and battery selection should prove to make this a popular seminar this season. Check our  Calendars for class dates and times. 

CPR-390: Couples Enrichment Mini-Weekend                                               
$1895 per couple

Not only is sailing fun, but this humorous charismatic sailing theme retreat can add excitement to your marriage!  Dr. Avrum Geurin Weiss, director of the Pine River Psychotherapy Training Institute, conducts this mini-weekend retreat designed to assist couples desiring to understand and appreciate the natural changes occurring within relationships over time.  
Click Here For More Info!

Bareboat Charter Discounts
When you book your next Sunsail Bareboat Charter, you can buy owner's time-shares for 20%-30% off the regular rates.  Previous Windsong students who have purchased yachts and placed them in the Sunsail charter fleets are granted a number of weeks use of any Sunsail boat from any of their worldwide charter bases.  Several of our students are willing to sell unused weeks at considerable discounts, but you must act now because the time periods are quickly being sold. 

Visit the Sunsail web site for location and boat choice information (  but DO NOT CALL A BOOKING AGENT for information.  When you use a booking agent their sales commission will be added to your price. Call us for your booking and you will not be billed a sales commission, thus greater savings to you.  Roughly here are the time periods remaining:

Greece  5/1-22
Spain 5/1-22 & 10/1-14
Turkey 5/1-22 & 10/16
Caribbean 7/1-8/31 & 11/1-12/19
Club Carib (Boat + Hotel) 1/6-31 & 11/1-12/18
Thailand 4/22-6/9
Tampa Bay 7/1-9/30
Sydney Australia 4/29-9/1
Whitsunday Australia 2/1-3/31
New Zealand 5/1-9/30

(We may be able to offer additional date periods)

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                Custom Private Outings                

  • Sunset or Moonlit Cruises

  • Festive Theme Parties

  • Corporate Outings

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Team Building

  • Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries

  • Special Event For Visitors From Out Of Town.

  • Family Celebration

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                      Specialty Items                        


  • White T-Shirt

  • Front - Windsong logo

  • Back - Full color artwork 



  • White long visors

  • Velcro adjusting strap

  • Windsong embroidered logo

  • Retaining strap/clip

  • Brow sweat band

  • Cool air light weight material.




  • White or Navy hooded sweatshirt

  • Reach through glove pocket. 

  • Windsong Logo


GIFT CERTIFICATES                   
Beautiful Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for that "Hard To Buy For" person on your list or for your deserving spouse.  Available in dollar amounts or for specific classes, outings and programs.  Sailing classes or a sailing outing on you could expose a special someone to a life changing event.   Show someone special how much you care!   You pick and choose and they'll include whatever you wish!  Sailing gift certificates make novel gifts for existing or new students.  Order yours today!  Great for raffles, awards, fund raising, etc.   Click here for more info:  Windsong Sailing Academy Gift Certificates

                    Web Info Of Interest                      

Free Nautical Government Publications
(Click Here For The Following Government Publications

Chart No. 1
The American Practical
International Code of
Radio Navigational
World Port
Distances Between
Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board
Atlas of Pilot Charts
NIMA List of Lights
USCG Light List
Sailing Directions
Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation
Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation

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                 A Matter Of Liability                   

Accidents happen and that's why we all purchase insurance.  Insurance is a small price to pay for the comfort and security of protecting ourselves financially from any potential liability associated with your sailing.  As a Windsong student you are insured while aboard our training boats however you may be responsible for any amount up to the deductible, depending on the circumstances under which any damages or losses occurred.  The deductibles range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, usually 1% of the hull value of the vessel.  Often times winch handles may fall overboard or students may accidentally ram the dock during maneuvers.  To avoid liability for the deductibles in unfortunate situations, Windsong offers a Damage Deductible Reduction membership plan that reduces your potential liability to $50.  This coverage is affective from the date of your enrollment and extends for 12 months with annual premium renewals due on your anniversary date.  The present premium for this coverage is $25, obviously a great bargain for the comfort it provides.

                    Books Of Interest                      

Although all classes include handout materials, if you wish to purchase individual texts they are described at the A.S.A. web site ( for ASA materials or the U.S. Sailing web site ( for U.S. Sailing materials. 

We following are our recommend reading list:

A.S.A. Materials
Sailing Fundamentals
               ISBN 0-671-60598-4 or 0-68484-994-1 (Newer)
Cruising Fundamentals
              ISBN 0-87742-334-2

U.S. Sailing
Basic Keelboat         
                ISBN 1-882502-21-3
Basic Cruising
                           ISBN 1-882502-27-2
Bareboat Cruising
                      ISBN 1-882502-30-2

Other Materials
Dutton's Navigation And Piloting  ISBN 0-87021-157-9
Dutton's Workbook (For Above)     ISBN 0-87021-150-1
Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia  (Purchase from
Mariner's Weather Handbook       ISBN 09658028-2-5
Bluewater Handbook                 
(Purchase from
The American Practical Navigator ISBN 0-939837-54-4 (Bowditch)

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Certification Exams
consist of both a written and on-the-water portion.

Certification written exams are available for $65.

 On-the-water exams are included in the price of each outing.

Classes at Windsong are designed to fill YOUR needs.

 Whether it is a casual refresher sail under our watchful eye or extensive training from A to Z, our classes are designed to offer you enjoyment and fun while continuing to advance your skills.

There's never a membership initiation fee or annual dues. 

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In order to excel
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one too.


Give the gift
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