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8 Steps To Freedom, from poisoning!

1) Seal all raw meat

2) Keep drinking ice separate from chilling ice.

3) Cook food from it's frozen state. 

4) Don't thaw pre-frozen meat prior to transport. 

5) Don't leave left over drinking water on the boat for future use.

6) For short trips, don't transfer frozen items from transport cooler to boat cooler.  This increases the chance for defrosting and spoilage. 

7) Educate yourself on the causes of food born illnesses  

...................... Don't Poison Your Fun! ......................

It's 10 am Sunday morning, Ted and Jane are running around to get to the lake for a full day of sailing.  It's a perfect sunny day, 5 knot breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  The Hunter 34 is well maintained and they are both in good health, but ...one of them will not make it to work on Monday. 

 Jane says, "I pulled some burgers out of the freezer for today, is that O.K.?" 

Ted says, "What? I'm looking for the charcoal". 

"Burgers it is,"
Jane thinks.  "Let's see, lettuce, tomato, buns, Check.  Oh, grilled onions, they were great on those Hot Dogs the other day. Mustard, ketchup. Got it! I'm ready.  Did you find the charcoal?" Jane yells.   

"No, I think I left a bag in the galley last time," Ted yells back.  

"I hope you're right,"says Jane. Off to the marina they go.

"Is the cooler heavy enough?  It's just the two of us," Ted bellows, as if his Captain's hat out ranks his wife's sun visor. 

"I put extra ice in because I want to make tea when we get there. Just be happy I left a gallon of water on the boat last time or it would be even heavier," Jane snaps back. 

"Ready to shove off?" the Captain asks. 

"Go ahead, I'm just unloading the cooler and making the iced tea."

 Ted shouts from the helm
, "All ahead full!"

 A short while later, as they were roaring down the waterway
, Ted yelled down to Jane to bring him some tea, when it was ready, because he was really thirsty.  

"The tea is not ready yet!" exclaims Jane.  "The burgers leaked in the cooler so I had to stop and clean that up first". 

Ten a.m. the next morning a concerned co-worker calls Jane at home knowing they probably went to the lake Sunday.  "Jane, this is Peggy from work, are you O.K.?" 

To which Peggy replied, "No, I woke up in the middle of the night violently ill.  Ted took me to the emergency room and they said it was food poisoning.  FOOD POISONING!" Jane repeated.  

"Oh my gosh how did that happen?" Peggy replied. 

"The doctor said it was Salmonella, but I don't get it." 

"Everybody gets it", says Peggy.  

"No," snapped Jane.  "I mean we had burgers, not chicken." 

"Is Jack sick too?" inquired Peggy.  

Jane quickly responded, "Who, the iron
stomach, no he's fine. And we ate together all weekend.  We had the same things. I just don't understand.  I thought it was the meat, but they were cooked well done, and I never made the tea because the burgers bled into the ice and I knew not to use that." 

"'How about the lettuce or tomato?" asked Peggy.   

"No, I had the lettuce, tomato and grilled onions in my trusty
Tupperware." replied Jane.  

Peggy squealed, "Grilled onions?" 

Startled, Jane exclaimed, "Yes, we had some leftover from the other night.  I just threw them in.  I thought it would be easier."  

"You should have just thrown them out!" scolded Peggy. "Grilled onions contain salmonella," she added.  

Slowly Jane acknowledged "Aha, that's why Ted's not sick. He doesn't like onions on his burger".  

"That's probably it," said Peggy.

"When did you get so smart Peggy?" a humbled Jane asked.  

Proudly Peggy admits "After I attended the Windsong Sailing Academy's Gourmet Cooking Afloat class.  There I learned the basics of food
preservation and spoilage prevention.  The do's and don'ts you might say on preparing storing, and transporting food. You could really use something like that Jane as much as you guys are on the water, it's probably the most hostile environment I could think of to handle food" she added.  

"Perhaps I'll take your suggestion Peggy.  This past weekend might have been memorable for more pleasant reasons had I taken the time," Jane concluded.

Jane was surprised to learn that the Gourmet Cooking Afloat class was affordably priced at $99, because all classes are sponsored by the Parks & Recreation Service.  That may well prove to be her best investment in her health she's ever made!  It could be yours too.  

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