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You may register for classes via our Calendar, but ground school class prepayments must be attached to this form and mailed to our business office.
Registration For Class:_____________________
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Birthdate: ______ 
Sex: ______ 
Marital Status: __________

Student's Name:_____________________________________                                         

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It may become important that we be able to reach you ASAP

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College Attended:_______________________________________ Major: _____________________________________________
In Case Of Emergency, Notify: ____________________________ Home #: (_____)_____-______Work #: (_____)_____-_______

What 3 factors influenced your decision to choose Windsong for your training? 


Explain any physical limitations the staff should be aware of during your instruction. (Insurance Rqm’t) - Include conditions that may be aggravated by heat or other conditions during your outing such as Diabetes, Seizures, Bee Sting Allergies, etc)


How did you hear about Windsong? (Newspaper,Flyers,Signs,Friends,Internet,Marina,Yellow Pages)


What previous sailing experience or certifications do you have? (If own a boat, describe it. Where sailed and how recently?)


List your favorite hobbies, talents, crafts, sports, skills or other interests:


I understand that cancellation of this class as well as any on the water sessions is at the sole discretion of the Windsong Sailing Academy. Full refund or credit toward future classes is at my discretion in the event classes are canceled by Windsong. I am advised that classes are conducted year round regardless of rain, shine, snow or temperature. I realize that these are realistic sailing conditions for which I must train if I am to become a competent sailor and acquire the necessary skills for safe sailing. I realize that there will come a time when this training may become life saving, but ultimately the decision to participate in any inherently dangerous activities are solely mine and therefore I accept full responsibility and liability for any consequences of my decisions to participate.

In the event I cancel my registration for this or any other class, I understand that in order to receive a refund, Windsong must be notified of cancellation four (4) days prior to the date classes are to begin. For my benefit and in respect for the other students and Windsong staff, I understand that if I register for a class or sailing outing that I am solely responsible for remembering the date, time and location of each class and if I do not attend for any reason, I will be contractually  responsible for the fees associated with my registration unless notice of my cancellation arrives at the Windsong business offices by email, Federal mail or voice mail 4 days prior to the date of any class for which I have registered. Photos taken by staff during class or socials may be used to promote Windsong and the sport of sailing. 

I acknowledge and understand that sailing can be a dangerous sport with potential for injury, accidents and death and consider myself mentally and physically fit in all manners to participate safely in all Windsong activities and personally assume all risks in connection with such participation. I further understand that, although proper boat handling, safety techniques and procedures will be explained by the instructor, I release Windsong Sailing Academy, their staff, and agents providing classroom, and docking facilities, from all liability and claims by me, or my family, heirs or assigns due to my participation in any Windsong programs.  I understand that due to insurance restrictions of Windsong’s underwriters and binding agreements with Windsong’s governmental, private and other agents or assigns, that without this understanding and agreement I will not be allowed to participate in Windsong classes, outings or other programs.

Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _____________________
                                                                 Print out registration form, attach your check, and mail to Windsong.

(To minimize unnecessary costs, payment must be by cash, check or money order.)