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Windsong Sailing Academy

Couple Enrichment Mini-Weekend 

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Dr. Avrum Geurin Weiss is the director of the Pine River Psychotherapy Training Institute. He is the co-author of Experiential Psychotherapy: A Symphony of Selves in addition to numerous publications, and has taught experiential psychotherapy nationally.  He is a practicing psychologist who has been interviewed on radio and television and has twenty years of clinical experience.  Dr. Weiss holds a clinical adjunct faculty position at Georgia State University, and has taught and served as a psychological consultant for colleges and ParticipationGuidelines.htm locally and nationally.   Participants enthusiastically give his workshops high marks and have found them personally meaningful as extremely informative.  Dr Weiss is friendly, compassionate, and highly respected by those in his industry.

Dr. Weiss has been married 15 years and has an eleven-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter.  He is an avid sailor with many wonderful years of experience and stories to match.  He is an owner of a Moody 42 in St. Thomas and feels that sailing is one of the many experiences that aids "Self Actualization" and offers this program for Windsong as a personal as well as professional service to the sailing community.  

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