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Of all the things I'll loose in my life,

 I'll miss my memories the most.

Real Sailors only Sail on days that end in a "Y".

If sailors became what we ate, 
we'd be Fast, Easy & Cheap!

"To Sail, or
Not To Sail". 
What a stupid question



Live Aboard Cruises

1) Kenn Knerr, a senior sailing student of ours has pledged to breath life back into his latest adoption into his family, a 1959 Rhodes Bounty Sloop.  Sharing the same birthday, Kenn and his dream ship share a common bond in history and time.  Both are looking forward to a renewed direction and future.  Follow his story as he guts and refurbishes this "Work In Progress" with the eventual dream of departing for the high seas in pursuit of "Chapter II, The Escape".  But first follow along in "Chapter I" as Kenn persists in his efforts to single handedly rebuild his pride into the capable ship she once was.  Although not exactly a qualified "Live Aboard", Kenn spends many of his days and nights aboard her as the reincarnation progresses.  The Sparrow

2) Join Bill Rountree and his son Robert as they sail the Caribbean aboard their Endeavour 40.  Bill, a former Windsong student, decided to depart from corporate America and sailed from Pensacola Florida October 2002. The current plan is to return to the states in April 2004.  Follow their journey from their web site: http://www.saorsa.homestead.com

3) Pierre & Kim Russell finally set sail! After much planning and retrofitting, Pierre, a long time delivery skipper who has sailed with Windsong students for over a decade, is about to make the big jump and finally go sailing for fun!  Kim is excited that the entire family is finally going to begin the dream of a lifetime.  So what does the "entire" family mean?  Read their story as we follow them along the road of their dreams. 

From June 2003 through February 2004 Windsong published their journals as their adventure unfolded.  As is true of all great stories, there are side bars and tangents.  In  March they were held over in Tampa to complete what eventually turned out to be some substantial upgrades and retrofits that presently have them on a tangent.  Having missed the weather window for cruising the Caribbean and in need of a more dependable engine, they have decided to truck the boat to Lanier in Atlanta Georgia for completion of their upgrades while they restock their cruising kitty.  A great adventure yet without a closing chapter. An enjoyable chronicle of the joys and burdens of cruising none the less for those desiring to live "Vicariously" through such stories along the water ways. 

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