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"The teaching approach offered by Windsong Sailing Academy has given me the knowledge, skill and confidence needed
to pursue my dream."

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Welcome to the
Windsong Sailing Academy


  Windsong offers over a dozen excellent programs consisting of introductory and continuing education courses. Many of these programs lead to certification from the American Sailing Association (ASA).  

    Basic Sailing Theory Coastal Navigation    
    Basic Coastal Cruising Advanced Coastal Cruising    
    Bareboat Chartering
Celestial Navigation

  In addition to classes aimed at conveying the theory and technique of sailing, Windsong offers several elective courses that will supplement and maximize your sailing experiences.
    Marine Meteorology Engine Maintenance    
    Meal Preparation & Safety 12V Electronic Systems    
Nutrition, A Sailor’s Best Mate Boat Purchasing
Charter Smarter Emergency Planning

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Implies understanding & agreement with our
Guidelines for Participation.
Review this agreement
PRIOR to booking reservations.

               Lake Lanier Sailing is a              
great way to spend an afternoon!


We offer a comprehensive collection of programs providing
ASA sailing instructions, cruises, clinics, fun sails and
corporate team building adventures. 

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