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Marine Meteorology
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Marine Meteorology (300)
Don't leave the docks until you understand nature's effect on your comfort and safety. This 5-hour class is quite in-depth and covers the practical issues of meteorology whether for the family picnic or an offshore passage! 

Weather forecasts cover "general" areas and often lack the specifics necessary for  your immediate area.  This discussion of the elements which cause weather changes focus on wind, moisture, clouds and temperature as they relate to high and low pressure systems and warm/cold fronts to uncover the mysteries of weather forecasting.

There are numerous web sites that offer meteorological data, but this discussion focuses in on those sources which consolidate a combination of highly relevant data in a way that can be quickly understood.

Ensure your comfort and safety with a heightened awareness of the meteorological changes around you!  Know what's coming your way so that you're not mislead by generic or inaccurate forecasts that could ruin your day!

Ground school - $225

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