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Advanced Coastal Cruising (106)
If coastal and offshore cruising is your desire, this training program will provide you the technical knowledge and skills training to realize your dream. After the 5-hr Advanced Coastal Cruising (ACC) ground school, you then participate in our weekly 2-hr Sailing Outings till your skills are sufficient to journey to one of our coastal locations for your 3 to 5 day testing and skills evaluation.

Gain the knowledge and abilities to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel 30 to 50 feet sailing day or night in any conditions. Emphasis will be on seamanship, watch rotation systems and advanced physics including storm sail sheeting options, CE/CLR relationships, heave-to combinations, lying-a-hull, sea drogues, rafting, dinghy issues, anchor watches, towing bridles, dismasting, grounding, engine maintenance, spar and rigging maintenance and radar.

Our unique approach to education permits convenient training at your leisure here in Atlanta for as long as YOU require.  When you feel your skills and knowledge are ready for the next step, you then transition those skills to a coastal location where tides, navigation aids and coastal weather complete your training.

This class will ensure that your first charter experience will be memorable for all the right reasons!  Success requires judgment and judgment requires experience.  Our programs enable YOU to decide how much practice time YOU require to ensure your success.

Read the Standards: ASA Advanced Coastal Cruising (106)
Ground school - $225
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