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"I always wanted to learn how to sail! It was a desire that turned into a hobby and Windsong turned it into a passion. I attended 3 different schools and I never felt comfortable or confident enough to risk taking my family out on a boat for a day sail."

"After attending Windsong and learning from their professional yet personable instructors I was finally able to fulfill that dream. Now I charter boats with my family for vacation and I am confident doing it. I still make mistakes but I don’t panic because of the skills they've taught me."

"Their unique teaching techniques and constant reinforcement made it all possible. I would recommend Windsong to anybody who is serious about learning how to sail. Windsong requires more time and effort than other schools, but I finally got the results I needed!"

Franck Fatras

"The teaching approach offered by Windsong Sailing Academy has given me the knowledge, skill and confidence needed to pursue my dream. Their school offered the total learning experience I was looking for consisting of well presented class work coupled with hands on sailing experience, followed by the coastal classes offered by their affiliate school. I am now living on my boat and cruising off the coast with a feeling of complete control and confidence."

William Rountree

"Thank you for all your hard work with Steve and I. What you say about learning couples was definitely true for us. My husband was gung-ho, but I started out skeptical and a little fearful of the whole "sailing thing". But the more I persisted with Windsong, both in the classroom and on the water, the more confident I became. I was able to absorb all the skills by doing it step by step and at my own pace. Over time, it all came together. No other school offers this type of open ended year round program. Sailing is now fun for me too, and for our whole family."

Barbara Collier

"Having sailed a Sunfish, Hobie Cat, and a 22’ Hunter for the past 35 years, I signed up for Windsong’s classes only to get ASA certified to bareboat charter the larger sailboats. I thought Windsong’s classes would be a good “review” of what I already knew. Was I ever wrong! For the first time I came to understand WHY a sailboat responds as it does, enabling me to ANTICIPATE problems beforehand and take the PROPER action for a more enjoyable ride.

Your staff with their remarkable sailing background, also loaded us up with practical tips that no book can teach us on how to make your sailing outing safe and fun, in addition to teaching us those valuable navigation rules. Through the lively classroom lessons and meticulous sailing outing instruction, it taught us to be not just GOOD sailors, but EXCELLENT sailors. Yes, it was worth the 2-hour drive each way for the lessons.

My daughter also joined me in these lessons, and what a bonding opportunity it was!  She LOVES it and I look forward to many more family sailing outings together.  Also, my wife enjoys it a lot more with “professionally trained” skippers at the helm!

I also found out WHY I enjoy sailing so much! Sailing is like selling real estate... you never know what to expect next, you learn something new every day, but with good training and experience, it can be a FUN RIDE!  Come on, REALTORS, you’ll want to start a SAILING CLUB! "

Leon Collins, Broker

"As a professional educator, I am impressed with the way Windsong instructors customize their training routine. Each instructor works patiently to insure the success of the student, regardless of the student’s level of skill. Their goal is to make sailing fun, exciting, and safe.

Each Windsong instructor seems to have this great personal goal: setting up the student for success in whatever program the student is pursuing. They take seriously their responsibility to graduate an accomplished and safe sailor.

Thanks for all your help. I am most pleased about my association with Windsong--it is special in a number of ways, not the least of which is its caring, personal and patient staff that made my family feel like an extension of theirs!"

Claude Cox