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Emergency Planning
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Emergency Planning (340) - Two Separate Clinics

Emergency Planning I 
Ground school - $99 ea clinic
Emergencies are a fact of life. Survival depends on forethought, education and preparation. This first 2.5 hr clinic discusses safety devices such as PFDs, boat amenities, electronics, rafts and emersion suit options, survival at sea, ditch bags, sea anchors and drogues, first aid devices, offshore tools and gear, sails, abandon ship, cold water immersion, hydration and offshore nourishment, rescue and evacuation at sea, operational procedures, dismasting, dewatering devices, fire at sea and boat preparations for voyages.
Emergency Planning II 
Ground school - $99 ea clinic
This second 2.5 hr clinic covers proactive analysis and planning for offshore emergencies such as collision at sea, crew conflict, storm survival, crime at sea, going aloft, emergency route planning and ensuring operational progress and safety should the skipper become incapacitated, deceased or lost overboard. Discussion is organized around risk identification, analysis and prioritization as well as a systematic approach to planning, practice and execution.
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