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 CLINIC SAILING OUTINGS                                              




There are many topics taught during our 2 hour Sailing Outing classes taught on Lake Lanier. Our Clinics provide more extensive and focused training and practice that may not be possible during a general Sailing Outing class.  These Clinics are generally offered only during the summer months (May/June/July/Aug/Sept) but are available by request for Private Instruction as well at other times during the year.
Click to download the Clinics Calendar for dates and times or visit our web Calendar of Classes to determine seat availability. 

2 hrs - $75
  Anchoring I
  This BASIC anchoring clinic will provide understanding and practice for picking ideal anchoring sites, getting the hook down safely, keeping it there until you're ready to leave, anchor watch tips & easy retrieval methods.
  Anchoring II
  This ADVANCED anchoring clinic deals with multiple anchors, Bow/Stern, Bohemian & Mediterranean configuration.
  Anchoring III
  Although you may have other crew on hand, this clinic prepares you for the prospect of single handed anchoring "Solo", unassisted by other crew.
  Challenge Outing
  So you know how to sail.  Looking for some challenges in which to test your skills? This outing will challenge different skills each time you participate varying from Navigation to Operations.
  Dinghy Handling
  This clinic covers dinghy handling. Inflation/assembly as well as stowing/handling while attached to craft docking/departing/anchoring and towing. We'll discuss safe & proper ways to board/exit dinghies. Great Clinic!
  Docking I
  This BASIC clinic offers practice at docking and departing safely, proactively and considering a variety of conditions and approaches.
  Docking II
  This ADVANCED clinic offers extensive practice at docking backwards and using "Prop Walk" proactively and considering a variety of conditions and approaches in addition to single handed docking/departing techniques
  This BASIC sail reduction clinic provides understanding and practice maneuvering the boat in a safe position relative to the wind while back winding the jib to establish a neutral unattended situation which is conducive to mainsail reefing. Crew assisted as well as solo reefing will be covered.
  Maneuvering I
  This BASIC clinic provides practice in boat handling & maneuvering including power turning, holding position against wind and current and picking up mooring.
  Maneuvering II
  This ADVANCED clinic provides extended practice in boat handling & maneuvering including turns in confined spaces K-Turns, backing and use of prop walk and other advanced boat handling techniques.
  This clinic provides understanding and practice approaching, retrieving, securing moorings and proper departure procedures.
  Man Over Board I and II (Crew Overboard Rescue)
  This crew overboard rescue clinic provides practice using the universally recognized Figure-8 and newer Deep Beam Reach rescue maneuvers. Clinic-I is crew assisted and Clinic-II is solo rescue.
  Night Sail
  This clinic covers general acclimation to sailing on Lanier after dark. Route planning, orientating, operation and safety are covered.
  Sail Trim
  Understanding and utilizing telltales, draft, chord, slot effect, running rigging and hull balance to obtain optimum sail and hull trim.
  Skills & Drills
  A skills tuning clinic focused on precision, timed, advanced maneuvers, solo skills and blindfolded drills.
  Senior Skills & Drills Sail
  Exclusive outing for ADVANCED students only. Skills & Drills oriented to reinforce basic and advanced proficiencies.
  Flying an symmetrical spinnaker is the ultimate thrill, when done properly. This clinic covers all aspects of preparation, packing, setting, jibing and dousing the chute along with spinnaker sets and douse on same side.
  Also checkout our other programs providing ASA sailing instructions, cruises, clinics and fun sails.