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 RECREATIONAL OUTINGS                    



For those who merely enjoy getting on the water under sail, we've added a comprehensive collection of non-instructional purely recreational outings.

Great Escape - Brown Bag Series
Daytime themed outings where participants pack or purchase a brown bag lunch or dinner to enjoy while leisurely sailing along the shores of Lanier.

Click to download the Recreation Outings Calendar for exact dates and times or visit our web Calendar of Classes to determine seat availability.

  New Year's Day Fun Sail Start your new year off right by sailing! Jan
  Lunch-N-Learn A Great Escape, but with a twist of  "Educational Practice" included. Students plan, plot, navigate under sail and drop anchor to dine, then try to find their way back to the marina as a timed exercise. Varies
  Mother's Day Play Anyone can take mom to dinner for mother's day, but only the specials ones get to sail! May
  Jamaica Me Do It Enjoy the best Caribbean music under sail. May
  Father's Day Play Make dad's sailing dreams come true. June
  Murder Mystery Join others who play roles on this ship at sea and try to catch who "Done It". July
  In Search of Brown's Bridge Sail to one of Lanier's deepest bridge castings while hearing stories of lake history and lore. Sept
  The Dam Sail Discover Lanier's dam during this historic cruise filled with facts and stories about the making of Lake Lanier. Oct
  Pre-Holiday Fall Leaf Cruise One last relaxing sail before life gets crazy! Nov

Sailing Plus Packages

Click to download the Recreation Outings Calendar for exact dates and times or visit our web Calendar of Classes to determine seat availability.



Sail to a secluded beach for swimming and fun. July
  Sail-N-Dine Bring your own brown bag meal and sail to a secluded anchorage where you'll dine while enjoying the sunset. June
3 hrs - $75 pp
$95 Couples




 JUST FOR FUN OUTINGS                    


So you think you've learned it all. So you've completed most of your training and you think you're ready to Bareboat Charter. How do you find out for sure, without actually going and doing it? 

Already know how to sail, but don't own a boat or know crew to go sailing with? Sound familiar? 

Never sailed before but would like to sample it?

If you answered YES to any of the above, Fun Sailing Outings are for you!

1) "CELEBRATIONS" are opportunities to enjoy special celebratory dates under sail.  New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Columbus Day outings are recreational "Enjoy Yourself" charters where a Captain and first-mate run the boat while you kick back or help along as you choose.

2) "SPREAD YOUR WINGS-Fun Sails" are an opportunity for you to come to Lake Lanier and go sailing. You can book a seat or two or the entire boat!  Sail where ever your heart desires and do whatever pleases you. The boat can accommodate up to 6 participants per trip, so you all better take a vote. There will be no instruction; unless you specifically request assistance. These trips are about fun, relaxation and experimenting with what you've learned or to experience sailing for the first time.

You'll be running the boat, just as if you had Bareboat Chartered the boat. We put a Captain on-board to ensure your comfort and safety as well as for insurance purposes, but you can sail the boat anywhere you desire for 2 hours! Advance reservations are required. 

See our Calendar of Classes for exact dates and times.

2 hrs - $75 pp
  Also checkout our other programs providing ASA sailing instructions, cruises, clinics and fun sails. 

PRIVATE CHARTER OUTINGS                    

A popular way to enjoy Lake Lanier sailing is a private charter. 

We offer:
- Bachelorette Parties
- Birthday Parties
- Wedding Proposals
- Anniversaries
- Many other special occassions.




$100 per hour 3 hour min