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 INSTRUCTIONAL SAILING OUTINGS                                              





Whether you've just taken the Basic Sailing Theory ground school or you're waiting for the next class offering, join our weekly weekend two-hour instructional sailing outings on Lake Lanier. During prime season we additionally conduct outings during the week evenings. See our calendar of classes for exact dates and times.

The sailing outings are designed to complement the ground school programs with "hands on" training. Sail with us all season or until you've achieved certification or your own personal goals.

2 hrs - $75


Related courses: Basic Sailing Theory (101)

We teach you HOW to sail on the water, but the ground schools are intended to help you understand WHY the physics and theory make it all possible.

The following Special Gear Is STRONGLY Suggested For Outings.

Basic Keelboat Sailing certification is available upon completion of the written exam and the sailing skill sets. Although the Basic Sailing Theory ground school is highly recommended in conjunction with the sailing outings, they are not a requirement due to our "open campus" approach.


 CLINIC OUTINGS                                                              



There are many topics taught during the normal year-round Instructional Sailing Outings. During the summer months (June/July/Aug/Sept) the following Special On-The-Water Clinics are offered for selected topics offering more extensive and focused training and practice.

  • Anchoring
  • Dinghy Handling
  • Docking/Departing
  • Heave-To-Reefing
  • Maneuvering
  • Man-Overboard
  • Mooring
  • Navigation - Electronic, Coastal & Celestial
  • Night Sail
  • Sail Trim
  • Spinnaker

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2 hrs - $75




RECREATIONAL OUTINGS                                                             


For those who merely enjoy getting on the water under sail, we've added a comprehensive collection of non-instructional purely recreational outings.

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  Also checkout our other programs providing ASA sailing instructions, cruises, clinics and fun sails.