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The only constant in life is "change".  Change is good though.  It has been said that "Status Quo" is a theory, not a reality.  In life we are either constantly learning or constantly forgetting, but never remaining unchanged.  A continuous state of growth or atrophy is what creates top athletes as well as "former" top athletes.  When we stop trying we start dying.  Yes, that was meant to sound shocking.  It's easy to say we "Never Give Up", but there are really no other options!  Give that one some profound thought!

Summer is behind us and the most exciting time of the year (Fall) is on the horizon.  Soon it will be New Years again and many will be staring at the same list of "Resolutions" set as goals last year!  In life there are "Dreamers" and "Doers".  We all know others who talk about great plans.  We also know a few who realize their dreams.  Ever wondered why these two groups of individuals were different?

No matter what your goals are in life, even in sailing, it's important to map out a plan.  It can be general or specific, but the more specific you can be, the greater your chances for "realization".  Windsong is unique in that we provide everyone a personal Training Coordinator.  Many of you know Pam well.  Some of you may not.  I suspect those in the latter group are still dreaming and not doing. 

Pam's challenge is to hear your dreams, understand your time frame and budget, then coach you toward success.  She is there to help you implement YOUR plan and achieve YOUR ultimate goal.  Your goal could merely be to get out of the house and escape for a couple of hours.  Your goal might be to charter a boat in the islands with your family in the coming years.  Either way, if you share your goals with Pam, she then becomes responsible and accountable to you for results.  She can't drag your silly rear end out of bed and make you come to the lake, but she can provide whatever guidance or motivation you require to succeed in reaching your goal.  Pam can help shape your plan, but execution is solely your responsibility. 

Be responsible to yourself and reap the benefits.  Decide to keep learning or decide to start forgetting.  It's your choice, but make it a conscious one, not a default!

This winter Lanier will reach FULL POOL for the first time in 5 years.  You don't want to miss it!

     So What's NEW!
Gill Foul Weather Annual Sale


You don't want to miss the best sailing gear sale of the year:
Saturday November 21st! 
8 am - 5 pm
(Early arrival ensures the best selections/sizes)

At the end of each season Gill's North American distribution center in Buford conducts a huge sale on their end of season biking and marine apparel (foul weather gear, warm wear, shirts, shorts, footwear, gloves, sunglasses and accessories). 

1025 Parkway Industrial Park Dr
Buford, GA 30518
(770) 945-0564

See their web site for sizing charts.


Ready To Go Chartering But Looking For A DEAL? 

We have several students who own charter boats in the Sunsail Fleet.

Buy your next vacation weeks from them and SAVE BIG MONEY!

This program is explained on our web site under the heading
"Bareboat Charter Discounts"


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     Windsong Events
Sunset Cruises
Sunset cruises are a great way to introduce yourself or your "special someone" to the joys of sailing in a social setting. Each cruise offers an escape for some time alone on the tranquil waters of Lanier, a romantic escape for a couple, celebration of a special event or time to yourself if you choose to come alone!

Reservations are $70 per person or $95 for a couple for the 3-hour cruises.
10/10 5-8 Ghost Stories of Lanier

Join us for our 5th annual fun filled evening of ghost stories; some true and some perhaps less so, but perhaps that depends on where you're sitting...

Bring your imagination and your creativity because we've been known to create some stories of our own as we cruise the mysterious waters surrounded by shorelines filled with history and intrigue.

11/1 3-5 Fall Leaf Cruise  

There is absolutely no better way to enjoy the fall change of colors than from our sailboat while leisurely cruising the shores of Lake Lanier.


Below are some links to photos from some of last season's events:


     So What's Been Going On?

Upcoming Classes

We've eliminated Price Increases the past 2 years
but next season it will be necessary to "catch-up".
Avoid any price increases by completing
 ground classes this season!

Remember you can "Audit" previously taken classes FREE, forever!

You can click on the class description below for more information.

Ground School Classes:  (Check the web site for the most CURRENT list of dates and exact times)

  Basic Keelboat Sailing Theory 10/17
  Basic Coastal Cruising 10/19 & 10/21
  Advanced Coastal Cruising 10/11
  Engine Maintenance 10/25
Sailing Outings: (Check the web site for availability, dates and exact times)
  Sailing Outings Every Weekend
  Celestial Navigation_c    Twilight Sunset 10/04
  Celestial Navigation_m   Mid day Sun Transit 10/19
  Coastal Navigation_c     On-The-Water-Daytime 10/10