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     Capt Dave's Tips            

Those of you who know me personally know that I'm a "Restless Soul".  I'm not happy unless I'm "on the go".  I hike, bike, sail, power and enjoy a highly competitive game of Racquetball whenever I can find a "Victim" to join me.  There's also another side to most sailors and I'm no exception.  We enjoy the company of others while we play, as well as afterwards.   Gals, if your husband doesn't regularly read this column, you need to print it out and stick it in this month's Sports Illustrated issue. Guys, don't let your wives see you reading this, but I'm going to share some valuable secrets here as briefly as I can!

Anytime you can combine any of the above and some quiet time with someone special who enjoys your attention, that's a perfect day!  Recently I was fortunate to steal a couple of days away in the Georgia Mountains.  Christina Smith, owner of Blue Stone Cabins and a Windsong student, planned the entire affair; I mean get away.  Seems that life has me VERY busy lately and who doesn't live a similar life, huh?  I just don't have the time to research and plan these trips.  I must admit my promotional intentions here, but if you found a fantastic restaurant wouldn't you share it too? 

After some discussion about my likes, wants, and needs, Christina selected "The" cabin and expertly mapped out directions as well as several of the nearby waterfalls, hiking trails and even some great places to eat.  I know that AAA or any travel agency could have done the same, but Christina's suggestions were absolutely "on the mark" and we thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of her labors. 

Her directions did skirt the perimeter of the Blue Ridge Chattahoochee National Forest which were slightly amended by me.  "MY" route started from Nimblewill just east of Amicalola Falls and went up the gravel Forestry Roads directly over the top of Springer Mountain, the start of the Application Trail head, and methodically along the creeks, summits and valleys for almost 4 wonderful off-road hours. 

Remember the web site that this column featured last month?  I used those satellite photos to plan my route.  Now that's a mountain trip if you ask me! 

Stop!  This road is not passable, 4-wheeled or NOT!

We were never lost because I had my GPS chart plotter borrowed from the boat, a "Streets" chart chip, lots of food and water and... well we did finally run into the Army Rangers on drills who pointed us in the right direction.  I was amazed that most all of the Forestry Roads were actually on the GPS chart plotter.  The flooded roadways and fallen trees across the roads were not.  Actually we only had to back track once,...okay maybe twice depending on how you count it.

We visited the only Federal Fish Hatchery in the state of Georgia.  Thirty two tanks of trout producing a million releases a year is quite impressive!

Patti had to move a couple of trees off the path so we could get by and she seemed to do it with so little effort that I thought I'd stop and take a picture of her hard at work!

It would be hard to get lost along the trails because they are so well marked with white diamonds on trees within easy sight of each other, mostly.

We toured Lake Blue Ridge as well, which is always great to hike around.

All the sites are easily within a 30 to 45 minute drive of the cabin.  The Toccoa River Restaurant was outdoor dining at it's finest located right on the banks of the Toccoa River!

Great food, service and view!


We hiked some great trails and climbed some waterfalls along the Benton MacKaye and Appalachian Trails all around Springer Mountain. 

If you've never been across a suspension trail bridge, we found one over the Toccoa River that was fantastic.

Can you identify this flower?

If you think you'd like to try this out for yourself call Christina and ask for the "Windsong" package.  She's going to kill me for saying this, but she can put together a rather romantic collection of candles, bath oils, dark chocolates and CD collection of songs that will set the mood for quite a special evening for two.  It's not without some extra costs, but you can't buy better personalized service than this!

We stayed in the "Mountain Majesty" which is just one of nine wonderfully selected properties that all seem to share a common theme.  Seclusion, quality and either an incredible mountain side view or overlooking a river or stream.  It's very obvious from the selection of cabins that she knows her business and understands the needs, wants and likes of her customers.

Mountain Majesty is 3 stories, recreation room downstairs with ping pong, air hockey, foosball, and a huge hot tub out on the deck surrounded by acres of seclusion.  The main level has a 270˚ wrap around deck with incredible views of the mountains. Three huge sliding glass doorways open the living room to nature. The upstairs loft master suite has rustic railing banisters and a heart shaped Jacuzzi in the bath. You can actually view the mountains while laying in bed.  The master has it's own private balcony to boot!

My only regret was that I forgot to bring my toy sailboats that have sailed some of the worlds best Hot Tubs. Yes, you're right I am kidding.  About the tub sailboats, but not about the value and memories of my recent mountain trip. Guys, you gotta bite the bullet and just go.  Gals if he won't go, then call me and I'll give him my "off road" maps as the lure. Now that was an adventure!  There are many romances in this ole world and sailing is just one of 'em!

Next month you do not want to miss my continuing Tips on "Escapes" containing some secret or little known nearby treasures for a quick get away!

     So What's NEW!

Boat Cleaning

Students often ask me for referrals for various Boat Service Contractors and we've actually created a special web page just for those recommended services.  Our most recent addition to this list of Boating Services is a new boat cleaning service called All Aboard Yacht Services (678-201-6558) that has a wonderful web site for information and reservations.  As is true of any services that we recommend, we've used them and found their service to be very reliable and professional.  John has agreed to offer a "Windsong" special to our students that will change slightly throughout the season, so don't forget to ask him about it.

Quality contractors are never cheap, but when high speed buffing and oxidation removal is required, it's best to have a professional do the job.  Our Contractors web site also has some non marine contractor recommendations, so if you're looking for help with Air Conditioning, Painting or Home Repairs, we have a very select list of those we've found to be highly recommended.  Let us know if you've had positive experiences with others you'd care for us to recommend.  This is a valuable free service to our school members.

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     Windsong Events
Sunset Cruises


The June 10th sunset cruise will feature flutist Alan Horne, a professional performer who has repaired as well as used these instruments for decades.  Alan comes to us highly recommended and his audition CD was fantastic.  If you're looking for an evening with some romantic toots and classical roots you do not want to delay as there are only two seats remaining for this special full moon cruise down Lanier.
July Fireworks
For the past several years the July 4th weekend Sunset Cruise has been coordinated to fall on the same night as the University Yacht Club fireworks celebration.  This year's fireworks will occur on Saturday July 1st and we are aligning our cruise times to end just as the fireworks show begins outside the Yacht Club.  Watching the fireworks while sailing down the lake and ending up in the bay out from the Yacht Club is truly a unique visual experience.  If you've never seen fireworks from the water, you've never been to a emotionally moving show!  These seats will book up fast.  Book yours today.  If we're sold out by the time you get to the web, call our office and we'll see if we can add more boats.

     So What's Been Going On?
Capt Ed Ties The Knot!

Senior staff instructor Capt. Ed Kuckla and Cynthia Mooreland tied the knot recently at the famous "Swept Away" Resort in Negril Jamaica.  A celebration reception was held at the Sunrise Cove Club House where friends and fellow staff joined in toasts and congratulations.  Both are devoted sailors and look forward to continued adventures together.  We offer the best for success and wish smooth seas for the newly wed couple!
Carl House Staff Adventures
The Carl House, a special events facility specializing in Wedding and Corporate Events, celebrated the year's success with their management team by participating in Windsong's "Pirates, Agents of Change" Corporate Adventures program.  Being the best isn't easy for any business, but the Carl House was voted Gwinnett Magazine's "Best of Gwinnett" for a reason and it was obvious during this day's activities.

BB Webb, Carl House proprietor, doesn't actually fear for her life at the hands of Pirates, but wanted to involve her staff in a uniquely thought provoking mission with Windsong to ensure their continued growth and success.  BB is an actress and host of her own TV show, "Living Life with Style", which airs each weekday evening at 5 pm on TV 12.  She works with other consultants and business owners to maximize their potential and understands the importance of team performance and valuing the contributions of her staff. 

We did a bit of acting on our own to help each team member enjoy their day while presenting some thought provoking ideas and strategies for personal and professional growth.

If you're tired of boring staff meetings and would like to offer something different to your top performers or as a team adventure, Windsong can make the day productive as well as memorable!


Upcoming Classes

We have several seats available over the next few weeks of classes.

Ground School Classes:

  6/6 & 6/8 Basic Coastal Cruising
  6/11 Engine Maintenance
  6/17 Advanced Coastal Cruising
  6/24 Marine Meteorology
  6/27 Bareboat Chartering
Sailing Outings: (Check the web site for exact times)
  6/10 Sailing Outings (Skills & Drills)
  6/10 Sunset Cruise
  6/17 Sailing Outings (Skills & Drills)
  6/24 Sailing Outings (Skills & Drills)
  7/1 Sunset Cruise
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Many times students' suggestions are implemented on the spot!  We pride ourselves in our customer service and attention to the needs of our students. If you have thoughts or ideas, drop us a line or give us a call.  All things are possible; you simply need to ask. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our students for their loyal support through the season(s) and encourage everyone to bring one new friend along each year as you sail.  As we grow and expand our operation, we want to make our products and services available to all who may be interested, but someone has to make the introduction.  Share the love of your sport with those who may be interested in our unique collection of programs. You'll be glad you did and so will they!