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Vol. 37


           WHAT'S GOING ON THIS SEASON          .

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     Capt Dave's Tips      

This newsletter is so full of great content that I'll be brief with my "Tips" for this issue.  Last week I was sitting in traffic in Buckhead, a unique experience for many of you I'm sure, and I couldn't help but make the following observations.  As pedestrians were passing one another on the sidewalk, many would make eye contact and occasionally a verbal exchange of greeting was shared.  Each person appeared to possess a "Personal Space", a distance around themselves that when accidentally invaded by others, often an apology for intrusion was offered.  It's sort of a magical zone each of us have that provides us separation , comfort and safety.  I recall that this same behavior often occurs in department stores and at social functions as well. 

As the traffic inched forward I also gave thought to how when those same friendly, kind and considerate people were driving a a skate board, car, bike or even a boat that the rules seemed to no longer apply.  In fact quite the opposite seems to be the rule in many cases.  It's almost like the vehicle becomes our "Space", but instead of apologizing for invading the "Space" of others, the behavior often becomes one of exerting ones presence at the expense of the space of others.  The polite exchange and acknowledging eye contact take on a whole different meaning.  Drivers dart bolding and uncaringly around others whenever any space exists, often without seeking permission or acknowledging appreciation for the courtesy, if you can call it that.

I'm sure psychologists have a name for this behavior and even an explanation for it's purpose, but to me it seems a great contradiction.  A human on the street exhibits politeness, yet in a moving vehicle often exhibits aggression. I know this is not 100% true, but enough for me to ponder.  Carrying that research one step further I realize that in boating, those under power are often more aggressive than those under sail.  Again I find this intriguing, not 100% true, but enough to ponder.  Those under power are "Goal" oriented in pursuit of a destination yet they don't really appear to be all that relaxed during their "Recreational Pursuit".  They're in a hurry and usually cut someone off in the process as they hurry along toward their destination.  At the next red light I asked myself, what is so innately different about the sport of sailing, or is it just the sort of people that the sport attracts.  Is it the cart or the horse, the chicken or the egg that makes the difference.

When I go sailing I observe the following.  I'm not really in a hurry.  I don't really have to even get the sails up to enjoy myself.  I don't have to go fast, but it's usually more fun when I do.  Just the motion of the boat is different than that of a power boat.  I'm not here to sell sailing over power boating because I certainly enjoy both but what I do notice is that my objectives are different. As a sailor, even when I do go power boating, my attitude, goals and expectations are different.  Why is this?

Sailing is different.  Does it change our attitude or are people with a certain disposition attracted to sailing?   Since I do both, I think that sailing changes you.  I've introduce so many folks to sailing over the past two decades, I think I observe the transition in other people too.  Interest, huh? Next time you have some spare time, give thought about how you choose to spend it. There's an interesting transformation in those who go sailing.  It begins when you park the car and walk toward the docks and it takes full affect the minute you untie the lines and cast off.  It removes you from the issues back home or in the office.  It's and escape to nature.  By the time you return to the car, you've changed.  You're renewed.    Next time you need a change go catch a breeze somewhere.  I'm likely already there, ahead of you!

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     So What's NEW!
Tickets Please, Tickets!  
We have been feverishly testing our newest internet web feature enhancements scheduled for release within the next month to enable online web registration for classes and charge card processing.  Although this feature will not become widely available until January, what is new are the use of "Admission Tickets" which will be required for participation in all classes and outings.  Your "Admission Ticket" will be your proof of registration and payment. Your "Admission Ticket" will be emailed to you a week prior to your class. Showing up at a class or an outing without it may cause you to be denied entry.  Not only does your "Admission Ticket" remind you of your appointment, place and time for your class, but it will become your proof of payment when online web charge card processing becomes available, SO DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

It is imperative that when you change your internet service providers, that you update our records with your new email addresses which we become key to timely receipt of your "Admission Tickets".

12 Volt Electrical Systems  
Ever wondered how a boat's electrical system "Really" works?  This new class discusses electrical theory as well as trouble shooting techniques.   Students will construct a typical electrical circuit complete with all the options found on a typical boat including soldering the actual connections.  

Join us on Sunday November 6th 11-5 for this new class.

Seats are limited for this new class
                  and registration is "First Come, First Served"

Special Outing Clinics!
As our students know we teach year-round and outings cover everything from A to Z depending on the weather conditions and the makeup of the students aboard each class boat.  "Lesson Plans" are written on Wednesday mornings for each student aboard each boat that coming weekend. As any manager knows, "Plans" become "Change Control Aids" and many times weather conditions or last minute changes in the makeup of the students on an outing may change requiring last minute adjustments to our "Lesson Plans" for an outing.  The intent is to schedule and monitor the precise progress of each student throughout the training and developmental process.  We manage the development so that each student can enjoy the fun and feel safe that they are being managed individually during their training.

Throughout the year we conduct sailing outings in realistic conditions.  That means that when it rains, we teach "Rain Sailing".  When it storms, we teach "Storm Sailing".  When there's lighter wind, we teach "Spinnaker Handling".  When there's no wind, we teach docking, departing, heave-to, radio communications, marlinspike, hoisting/dousing and many other non-wind related skills and drills. 

It's unlikely that a student who has sailed all year has not participated at least once in each of the skill categories that we teach.  It is likely that sufficient opportunity may not have occurred for some students who desire more time practicing particular maneuvers.  For this reason we have decided to enhance our program further by offering dedicated topic "Clinics" where students are ensured an opportunity to work on dedicated skill sets they desire. We will give this a try and see how it goes.  It is important to note that the county does require full participation in an outing or it must be cancelled.  They don't mind subsidizing out classes, but it's against policy to do so at a loss. For this reason, unless sufficient enrollment exists for a clinic, it is subject to the same rules as our normal outings. 

Here are some special clinic dates that will be offered in the near future. 
Early registration is recommended to ensure that the classes do "Make" with sufficient enrollment.

11/05/05 1 pm   


11/05/05 3 pm   


11/19/05 11 am   


Classes Have Begun At Snug Harbor!

In September Windsong added Snug Harbor Boats & Company to the list of instructional sites for ground school classes.  Their facility is conveniently located on Peachtree Industrial Blvd near Lake Lanier. We are excited about joining this hub of sailing activity and excellent location for our programs.

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     Windsong Events This Fall
Ghosts of Lanier Cruise  
Seen any ghosts lately?  Want to hear about some?  The first annual "Ghosts of Lanier Cruise" was SOLD OUT the minute it was announced.  A lot of research went into developing the program presented during this outing.  We do have a waiting list but it's short.  If you're interested in this unique 3-hr evening outing on Lanier and enjoy the enchanting and make believe of certain aspects of the history of Lanier and that area prior to the construction of the dam, ask to be added to the "Waiting List" in the vent of cancellations.  There is a possibility of adding an additional weekend if there is sufficient demand, so if this sounds at all exciting, let us know ASAP.  
Seen Elvis Lately?


The Fall Social event will be on Saturday November 12th at 7 pm at the Lantern Inn lakeside off Brown's Bridge Road.
If you havenít already made your reservations for our FALL SOCIAL at Lake Lanierís Lantern Inn for dinner and the Elvis show CALL US TODAY!  If youíve never heard of the Lantern Inn before, just click ELVIS or call the Inn at 770-887-3080 for details, but you must book your reservations with us to be included in our special event!

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (Seating is VERY limited!)


(There is the possibility of a second weekend if sufficient interest exists)

Admission for the buffet dinner and the Elvis show is $25 per person.

  • 7:30-8:30   Buffet Dinner

  • 8:30-10:00 Band

  • 10:00-11:30 Elvis Performance

It's Boat Show Time Again, Almost.
January 11th through the 15th is the annual Georgia Congress Center Atlanta Boat Show and this year should be bigger and better than ever!  The economy is now in full recovery and I've seen a sneak peak at what's coming but can't let the cat out of the bag too early.  Mark your calendars now to attend this show which is THE largest collection of boats of all types each year in the Atlanta market space. 
Thinking Of Buying A Boat?
Sunday November 13th is our next "How To Buy A Boat" class. This class was completely updated and rewritten to include materials from recent manufacturing plant tours last season.  Critical points in the construction process were updated to include actual photos of boats at the various stages to facilitate discussion. If boat ownership is in your future, this class will establish an excellent foundation of knowledge and thought processes to make your experience memorable for all the right reasons.

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     So What's Been Going On?
Lilburn Daze
For the second year in a row Windsong was invited to participate in the annual Lilburn Daze Festival to promote boating safety awareness.  A contest was conducted to name 3 Federally and State required safety items that every vessel is required to contain and it was amazing the amount of difficulty that participants experienced.  I trust that everyone understands there exists hefty fines for non compliance, but that's not the issue at stake.  You only have one life to give but you shouldn't give it due to ignorance or procrastination.  Windsong has provided Federal and State Requirements for Recreational Boater pamphlets to all who request them. You should not leave the dock without both publications onboard!  If you need a copy of either, we have placed a stack of them at the Windsong training facility located inside Snug Harbor Boats & Company on McEver Road.
Gwinnett Business Journal: Windsong Feature
If you haven't read the October's Gwinnett Business Journal you should check out the following link to see what they're saying about Windsong! (GBJ-Oct Issue). Additionally Windsong was included in this quarter's Gwinnett FOCUS business magazine which previewed the huge success of the Gwinnett Expo show this fall.  Windsong has developed a Corporate Adventures program to combat boring staff meetings.  If your group or organization could use an unusual "Team" day under sail, Windsong offers an excellent choice of options for your group.  You'd be the HERO of the team!
Innovative Engine Maintenance Class - Huge Success!

Few schools teach Engine Maintenance and fewer yet close the text books and let you disassemble one of their engines!  At Windsong we strive to be different, and different we are!

Windsong's Master Mechanic, Tom, covered the theory and operation of Gas and Diesel engines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke cycles as well as in depth discussions on fuels, additives, oil, filtration, raw and fresh water cooling systems and then directed a "Hands On" approach to engine maintenance.


(with Windsong Logo on Front)

Order Placed Before 11/11/05:

Silk Screen Logo Shirts - $30

Orders Placed After 11/11/05:

Silk Screen Logo Shirts - $35

Available Colors: Dark Navy, White, Grey.

These are the best fall and spring sailing apparel because they keep your ears warm while allowing you to hear!

FOR SALE!  GOT SOMETHING TO SELL?  Try Our For Sale New Site Free.
Although we intend to limit items for sale to our student members, we will consider items submitted from the general public as well.  We'll play it by ear to see how it goes.  Just remember to let us know when the item is sold so that we can keep our web site current.  So here's the link Items For Sale.

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Friends don't let their friends go through life
without experiencing sailing!

Invite someone to join you today!


                We're listening!!

Many times students' suggestions are implemented on the spot!  We pride ourselves in our customer service and attention to the needs of our students. If you have thoughts or ideas, drop us a line or give us a call.  All things are possible; you simply need to ask. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our students for their loyal support through the season(s) and encourage everyone to bring one new friend along each year as you sail.  As we grow and expand our operation, we want to make our products and services available to all who may be interested, but some one has to make the introduction.  Share the love of your sport with those who may be interested in our unique collection of programs. You'll be glad you did and so will they!