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     Capt Dave's Tips       Valentine's Clip Pack

1) Our next "In Town" social event will be Friday night 2/18/05 at Dave and Buster's - Gwinnett.   Dave and Buster's will be hosting another Comedy Performance night at the Gwinnett location starting at 8 pm.  This will be our third Comedy night out and everyone who came last year had a GREAT time.  Reservations are FIRST-COME because we can only block out so many seats, so if you're coming, you better shout quickly. You'll want to arrive early so you can order dinner and be nearly done by the time the show begins.  It's hard to laugh and swallow all at the same time.  In the past we've really enjoyed these events and expect a good turnout so call us early to reserve your seat!

2) Got a bit of "Love" in your heart you want to share?

For the mystery lovers among you, Dave & Buster's is hosting a Valentine's Mystery Dinner Theatre night Saturday February 12th and again Monday February 14th.  Should be interesting.  Let me know if anyone is interested in going.

Of course you can always give your loved one the Gift of Sailing, the gift that last a life time!

Gift certificates for Valentines can add a new experience to your relationship.  Gift certificates are redeemable now or this spring for a Romantic Sunset Cruise or merely a fun few hours on the lake enjoying the outdoors in the company of other like minded individuals escaping for a bit of sunshine and peace.

Don't spend another day with a little "Love" in your heart and excitement in your life.


3) I have some good friends that have an open cabin on a Lagoon 410 catamaran in the British Virgin Islands July 1st thru July 9th this summer.  Interested candidates should be fun loving partiers and not budget minded. Hey, after all this is the British Islands! The cabin would be $1,000 which is certainly reasonable but be prepared to wine and dine!  The catamaran will team up with another 3 couples on a 50 foot powerboat affording access to some areas where the cat may not navigate. Plans are to spend a night ashore in St Thomas before and after the charter period to facilitate flights back to the states. If you're interested I can put you in touch with the trip Captain for more details.

     So What's Been Going On?

The Boat Show was a huge success!


Professional magician, Joe Turner, entertained visitors for hours with his wit, humor and slight of hand card, ropes and juggling acts. Although I've watched him for hours, I still can't catch him at his craft.  Joe is a wonderfully talented showman and artist of his craft. You want to book this guy for your next party for sure, but only if I'm not already using him for my own events!

Joe demonstrates some "Slight of Hand" for seminar speaker Pam Wall as he palms red balls representing "Sailing", "Family", "Jobs" and "Marriage" during a performance designed to show how you can always find time for "Sailing" while keeping a "Hand" on the other balls one must juggle in our busy lives.

Additionally Joe demonstrated that "Windsong" was always the "Ace" in any deck of cards and that the loose ends of any heap of rope (line) can always be "Trained" to become one continuous line orchestrated to support an efficient team of Windsong sailors.


I personally was humbled by the high quality and professionalism demonstrated by each of our speakers and have promised to host the forum again at next year's show.  If you missed the Forum this season, you don't want to repeat that mistake again.  EVERYONE thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon of dream sharing and reality "Checking".


The first annual "Windsong Sailing Adventures Speaker's Forum" was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.  Despite parking challenges on Saturday, for those who didn't take Marta, over 500 sailors boarded the dozen sailboats and an excited select few were able to attend our seminars throughout the afternoon.

Everyone was captivated by Pam Wall, our lead off speaker, as she shared the adventures of her family who for several years sailed around the world. We all watched as her kids grew up learning languages and customs of cultures all around the world. A great photographer and dynamic speaker, she entertained us for nearly 90 minutes.

Pierre and Kim Russell's adventures discussed the practical side of how one goes about planning and executing an escape to the cruising lifestyle for the family with small children. 

Bill Rountree and his son Robert summed up the cruising series with their story of adventure and challenges sailing short handed as a crew of two; a father and his son. 

The final presenter was Lance Lovely who represented the Black Boaters 2005 Summit.  Lance shared the stories of the past 2 trips and the plan for the 2005 annual event in the British Virgin Islands.

A lot of very useful information was shared by everyone all afternoon.  The Speaker's Forum was a huge success for all who attended.  The details of the dream were described from several different perspectives.

Tsunamis seem to be on everyone's mind lately and we've found an interesting site that we've added to our "Favorite Links" web page.  I guess I didn't realize how many quakes occurred EVERYDAY somewhere in the world.  I'm not talking about minor magnitudes either. I would think that 5.9 and 6.6 would rattle some boat trailers!  If you've never strolled through the sites featured on our "Favorite Links" site, now might be a good time or if you're in a hurry go directly to Earthquakes (This week)

If you'd like to see a movie of the waves that traveled around the globe following the quake (and you have a fast internet connection) the following site is very interesting. Sumatra Tsunami Wave Movie      

Windsong Names Charter Members.


Charter members of the 
"Admiral's Ambassadors"
club are the following:

Pam Wall   
Pierre & Kim Russell    
Bill & Robert  Rountree

Through their efforts and dedication, the 2005 Sailing Adventures Speaker's Forum was a huge success in terms of the amount of detail information that was presented and the level of professionalism demonstrated in the interest of promoting the sport of sailing.

Admiral's Ambassadors
To recognition individual efforts of those who have
contributed time, energy, influence or support of
the sport of sailing, we have created the
"Admiral's Ambassadors" award.  A "Lifetime"
designation specifies consistent and repeated
significant contributions to promote the sport in a
unique and reoccurring nature.

Commodore's Flagship Crew
To recognize individuals, organization or businesses that have contributed resources, sponsorship, influence or support of the programs that Windsong provides to the general public, we have created the "Commodore's Flagship Crew" award. A "Lifetime" designation specifies consistent and repeated significant contributions to support the efforts of Windsong in a unique and reoccurring nature.



Windsong Partners with Sail Time America

Want to have access to a bigger boat but don't want to tie up a large investment or be burdened with expensive monthly payments?  SailTime may very well be your answer. SailTime, already operating in 22 markets in the U.S. has come to Lake Lanier and Windsong has partnered to provide member certification and instruction as a benefit to SailTime members.  SailTime offers shared ownership or use of a Hunter fleet, initially the Hunter-33.  Fractional ownership is very attractive to sailors who want access to a larger boat than they may wish to invest in and have the opportunity to spent the night in addition to a combination of weekend and week days afloat. Annual use is divided into 84 timeslots that are shared evenly by all 8 members sharing fractional use of the same boat. A maximum of 8 SailTime members would share use of one Hunter-33 for an initiation fee of $1,000, a security deposit of $1,500 and a monthly charge of $395.  The way the business model works, is that one member purchases the actual boat and everyone else is an equal fractional use member sharing access to the same boat. It is important that prospects understand the safe and proper operation of these vessels so that everyone protects their shared interests as well as the owner's. That is the security that Windsong will provide SailTime members and boat owners.  A SailTime membership includes the basic sailing instruction to ensure success.  Windsong will offer "Elective" programs for those desiring advanced instruction beyond the basics which should lead to the ability to operate other vessels offshore during summer vacations elsewhere.

For more information contact SailTime Atlanta at 1-877-SailTime or visit their web site www.SailTime.com.

Warning To Returning Students: If you don't already have outings booked through July you should seriously consider doing so now as the annual boat show generally produces bookings as far in advance as August each year.

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Many times students' suggestions are implemented on the spot!  We pride ourselves in our customer service and attention to the needs of our students. If you have thoughts or ideas, drop us a line or give us a call.  All things are possible; you simply need to ask. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our students for their loyal support through the season(s) and encourage everyone to bring one new friend along each year as you sail.  As we grow and expand our operation, we want to make our products and services available to all who may be interested, but some one has to make the introduction.  Share the love of your sport with those who may be interested in our unique collection of programs. You'll be glad you did and so will they!