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You can take the Ground School Classes in any order except where "Pre-requisites" are noted, but you must take the ASA written exams in numerical order.

All "100" level classes are Ground Schools.
All "200" levels are the On-The-Water counterparts for the "100" level classes. 
All "300" level classes are non certification programs and are provided as electives for enrichment and sailing enjoyment. 

For your scheduling convenience and flexibility we conduct Ground School Class Instruction separate from the Sailing Outings. Everyone requires varying amounts of on-the-water instruction or may elect to "Audit" previously taken ground school classes as an annual review or for added understanding. Our curriculum is designed to provide that flexibility. 

You can learn at YOUR own pace, not ours!

No other school offers the flexibility and convenience that we do!

You can begin your sailing outings while waiting for the ground school dates or the ground school classes while waiting for openings on a sailing outing. It doesn't matter which you begin first, you'll enjoy and learn from the very first moment of your experience!




Come join our Lake Lanier Sailing outings!