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Don't get fooled, you can learn the basic mechanics of sailing in a weekend or two, BUT sound judgment and safe habits only come through practice over an extended period, and at Windsong, our outings are priced to encourage you to sail all season.

There are NO ANNUAL FEES and NO DEPOSIT requirements. Courses are Parks and Recreation sponsored, making them affordable. Once you complete your ground school classes, you can get FREE AUDITS FOREVER!

Let Windsong take you from "Nervous" to "Novice" this season!

You can return as many times as you wish and retake any of your ground school classes as a FREE REFRESHER with each new sailing season!

                  No other school offers these guarantees!


  How Do I Get Started? 
Some folks like to try a sample sail before attending a ground school class.
Some folks like to attend the ground school first before their first outing.
Either works fine and students feel that whichever way they did it, worked well for them!

It really doesn't matter; You learn:

  • "HOW to sail" on the water.

  • "WHY" it works in the ground school.

Come join Lake Lanier's most comprehensive training, certification and recreation facility.

  We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our excellent collection of programs providing ASA sailing instructions, cruises, clinics and fun sails.