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We've updated our communications system and networked calls to a new number.  During the coming months you may notice changes as we continue to upgrade our routing, software and communication network.  The old number will continue to work for 12 months, but only the new number comes through our new communications network. When you call, cell phones and beepers of all our staff go off within 5 minutes.  If your call is urgent someone will return your call immediately.  Calls are usually returned as soon as we can break free, yet it is our goal to return all calls no later than 9 pm daily. We could maintain a staff to answer your calls directly at all hours but our prices would have to reflect the added expense.  Over the years we've determined that email and voice messaging with the option for immediate call back for emergencies is the most cost efficient way of meeting your needs efficiently. It is not the nature of business in the "electronic age" for unnecessary expenses and we feel that our networked communication system is an ideal configuration. 

Actually she's not new at all.  Kristin has been a member of the Windsong family for several years, on and off the boats.  You may have met her the first time at the boat show several years ago when she was in charge of our marketing that included the popular white hooded sweatshirts we've offered in the past.  Kristin left to tour abroad before moving to Connecticut and has recently returned to Atlanta where she now admits is her home.  Kristin, you bought a home here, so that makes you a southerner now!  Kristin was Bareboat certified in '99 after several years of sailing and finds herself at home and at peace whenever she's on the water, which due to her hectic schedule isn't often enough she laments. Lately she's been working with students to confirm sailing outings and is excited to be back on Lanier again.  Please welcome her back south as she's an avid hiker, adventurer, sailor and a key member of our team!

As many of you already know, January is the month for the annual Atlanta Boat Show.  What better way to start the New Year off, literally, than attending the 40th annual Atlanta Boat Show the day after New Years day?  Yes you heard that right; this year's show is a week earlier than normal. January 2-6th is your opportunity to come on down and see what this season has to offer.  There will be more sailboats this year than in the past. Catalina will bring a wholesome sample of yachts and the Weathermark Sailing Center (www.weathermarksailing.com) will also be exhibiting their line of Hunters, J's and some other surprises. The result is MORE SAILBOATS at this year's show.  As soon as the Miami show office confirms the dates and times of our annual free seminars, they will be published on the Windsong web.  This year's topics will be "A.S.A. Basic Sailing Fundamentals", "Coastal Sailing Adventures" and a return of last year's popular  "South Pacific Sailing In The Kingdom Of Tonga" which many of your were unable to get into last year, so come early for that presentation on Saturday.  We have a limited number $2 off discount coupons which will be available to students attending either the Coastal Navigation class12/13, 18, & 20th or Sailing Outings through December.  This year's show will also feature the Sensational Sea Lion Splash Show, the South's' Most Haunted Seaports Show, the Atlanta Antique Wooden Boat Associations exhibits, and Pomeroy Champagne and Dante's Down the Hatch dinner for two giveaways.  Show hours are Wed/Thur 11-9, Friday 11-10, Saturday 10-10 & Sunday 11-6.  For more information about the boat show contact the show office at www.discoverboating.com or 770-951-2500.

Seminar Topics/Times
Sailing=ASA Basic Sailing Fundamentals
Coastal=Coastal Sailing Adventures
Tonga=South Pacific Sailing In The Kingdom Of Tonga

Wed 1/2

Thur 1/3 Fri 1/4 Sat 1/5 Sun 1/6
6 pm: Sailing 6 pm:  Sailing 6 pm:  Coastal 1 pm:  Tonga

Noon:  Sailing

6 pm:  Coastal

3 pm:  Coastal


Secure web sites and safe Internet Exploring browsers has received a lot of press lately.  Cookies suddenly have made many enemies and client side scripts seem to have intruded the privacy of our computers and homes.  We have chosen not to implement any of these intruding technologies at the Windsong site.  As a result we are limited in the things we can design our site to do.  This conservative approach actually protects the privacy of your information in our database. Regular visits to our "What's New" section will keep you in tune what all the new exciting events planned for 2002! Our Favorite Links page continues to grow.  Send us your favorite sites for inclusion for the benefit of everyone. 

The final contracts have been signed and the web is updated with the 2002 class schedule. Even if you have a calendar in your handouts, the web should be your guide as last minute changes do occur.  To avoid the late registration fee, register for classes early.  Attendance is always heavy in the early spring, so register today to ensure that you can get an early start on this season's fun!

Lake Lanier's normal pool level is 1071 feet above sea level. The lake is presently down 12 feet from normal which is around 1058 above sea level. I spoke with John Watson, area manager for the Corp Of Engineers, and he is predicting an additional drop at an accelerated rate unless rain levels increase soon. That will take us close to unprecedented levels. Many of the treetops were left at elevations below 18 ft.  That means we can go sailing and get the bottom of our boats cleaned at the same time!  All kidding aside, there will be areas which will mandate closer attention, but our boats are safe and operational down to 1050 (21 feet below pool) because of our electronic equipment aboard and the skipper's personal knowledge of the lake. Over a decade ago the lake dropped to 18 feet below pool and those on the lake at that time made mental images for future reference.  Our Coast Guard Licensed Captains have been on the water nearly all their life and are intimately familiar with it's contours.  Beyond 1050 we'll have to add training wheels though.  They say there's a double edge sword to every news item.  Well the positive side is that the power boaters have already given up on the lake for the season.  That means an absence of rough water and wakes to interrupt our sailing.  It will be an interesting fall with lots of shoreline for beach parties! 

Let Windsong solve your problems.  Tell everyone to buy you sailing gift certificates for Christmas.  Annually Windsong offers gift certificates in any denomination or for any combination of classes our outings.  Let us know what you desire and we'll gladly ship you a gift certificate for that "Difficult To Buy For" person on your shopping list.  If you think that might be "YOU", make the job easier for others and have them give us a call! This also is a great way to encourage a friend or that special someone to take the plunge and go sailing with you!

Fifteen years ago, classes at Windsong were $15 for three hours on the water.  When comparing your salary then and now, you'll agree that even with last year's 5th fees increase in 15 years, our programs represent an excellent value compared to the increases in cost of living over the past 15 years! Although our costs have continued to rise this past year we're trying hard to maintain the present pricing structure so that you can continue to enjoy the excellent value that our programs represent.  So how can you help?  If you enjoyed our programs, particularly the fun and informative ground schools, tell your friends and family.  Participation in our affordably priced ground schools are an excellent way to help keep our costs down by spreading the expense of conducting each program session among all the participants.  Unfortunately the sailing outings are the most expensive program we conduct and profits continued to fall this year due to increased docking and insurance costs.  For your convenience, we permit prebooking throughout the entire year.  This ensures you the continued opportunity to sail during popular times when available openings become virtually non-existent.  You prebookings do help maximize utilization of our boats and instructors and ensure that we schedule sufficient resources to meet demand without incurring unnecessary expense associated with redirecting staff or students to handle last minute unexpected changes in demand.  So if you find our programs affordable and want to help us maintain the present fee structure; the key words are: Prebook and tell your friends!