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The past two years we've utilized Constant Contact for distribution of our news information, but there was so much to cover for the new season, we elected to include all the updates in a newsletter.

As we enter spring it's time to announce all our new activities planned for 2011. 

My best tip for the new season is to revisit your expectations for sailing training in light of your overall long term goals. Many of our students don't own boats or have access to one.  Although our instructional format is excellent for skill acquisition, the real value is its ability to provide year round opportunities to sail with like minded individuals while growing as well as maintaining knowledge, skills and judgment. 

Many of us are only able to experience an annual trip or two to our favorite cruising grounds, but it is imperative that we maintain our skills in between each coastal trip to ensure our safety and comfort. Our year round outings enable everyone to enjoy the fun of sailing whenever you need a weekend escape without the hassle of renting a boat, scrubbing a boat or trying to find others who can sail that would be available to act as your crew.  The important thing to keep in mind is that you'll never stop learning, so ensure you're reinforcing good behavior and not dangerous habits.

We're ready when you are!  Just reserve a seat, show up with an attitude for adventure and a mindset for fun and we'll make you a sailor!  Becoming a sailor is far different than merely taking sailing lessons. One is far more competent and safe than the other, but you already know that or we wouldn't be talking!

     So What's NEW!
Sunset Cruises
An annual tradition at Windsong are our memorable Sunset Cruises.  Some feature entertainers and some are entertained by the beauty of nature itself.  These late evening cruises run April through October.

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Below are some links to photos from past events:

Great Escape - Brown Bag Series
Last fall everyone enjoyed our brown bag sail to the dam while enjoying the turn of the leaves.  This season we've introduced an entire series of 8 Brown Bag Great Escapes with various themes! The Brown Bag Series are different from our Sunset Cruises in that they are daytime outings where participants pack or purchase their own brown bag lunch or dinner to enjoy while leisurely sailing Lake Lanier.

These include:

  • Spring Into Action
  • Mother's Day Play
  • Jamaica Me Do It
  • Father's Day Play
  • Murder Mystery
  • In Search of Brown's Bridge
  • The Dam Sail
  • Pre-Holiday Fall Leaf Cruise

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Sailing Plus Packages
Due to popular requests we've added opportunities to Dine or Swim in conjunction with sailing outings.  You can join other customers with similar interests or book the entire boat for your own private 3 hour adventure!  These exclusive events are only offered twice during June and July.

Sail-N-Swim offers the opportunity to sail to your own secluded beach for swimming and fun.

Sail-N-Dine offers the opportunity to enjoy your own brown bag picnic and music while watching the sunset from anchor after enjoying a couple hours of sailing.

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Web Calendar Enhancements

Next time you're booking classes and need successive dates for a class, you can click "View By Course" from the menu bar, after logging in, to change from Calendar view to a list of class dates.  To return to the calendar view, you can click "View Courses By Month".

It's always a good idea to click "My Summary" when you're done booking classes just to verify that your registration was successful.

2011 Clinics
Our year round 2 hour instructional sailing outings are an excellent way to grow or maintain your sailing skills.  We've added 13 specialized 2 hours outing clinics for those who have specific areas of need for extensive practice.  Many of the clinics have beginning and advanced offerings. 

These include:

  • Anchoring
  • Dinghy Handling
  • Docking
  • Heave-To-Reefing
  • Maneuvering
  • Crew Over Board
  • Mooring
  • Night Sailing
  • Sail Trim
  • Spinnaker
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Celestial Navigation

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     Windsong Reminders
Need A Mid Week Break?
Our summertime "Mid Week Instructional Sailing Outings" begin April 13th for those who need a mid week break and can get up to the lake by 6:30.  These weekly mid week outings only occur from April to September.  They occur during the cooler times of the day when the lake is less crowded and we generally return to the marina as the sun is setting; a truly special time to be on the lake.  Check our calendar for other dates and times throughout the summer or call us for reservations.
Fun Sails
Sailing is not always about drills and instruction. If you'd like to merely enjoy the wind and waters of Lanier, these non instructional 2 hr outings are offered to meet two needs. 

1) Students who want to exercise their new found knowledge and abilities without instructor direction. Although an instructor is aboard to ensure your safety and to comply with our insurance requirements, you choose the destination and how to get there!  It's like a private "charter", with other students as your crew or bring your own!  

2) If you're new to sailing and merely want to spend 2 hrs on the water under sail with someone else in charge.  Come enjoy the view while we do all the work!

Presently there are only a few Fun Sail dates, but over the next week we'll be adding many more through September.

Share Your Experiences With Others
If you've found your Windsong experience to be exceptional, we welcome your comments at This is the only way others can learn first hand about the quality and personal service that we guarantee.
Private Charters
Private Charters are increasingly popular with couples and families seeking new and unique ways to get away for a couple of hours of fun or to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.  The economy has been tough for many but nothing rekindles your spirits more than an escape under sail with others.
Ready To Go Chartering But Looking For A DEAL? 

Windsong provides Bareboat or
Captained yacht charters through:

  • Sunsail Yacht Charter Vacations

  • Festiva Yachting Vacations

  • Conch Charters

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