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Another Fun Day On The Water
With The Love Of My Life!

Well it's that time of year again and everyone is trying to get their Christmas Cards sent out to friends and relatives.  
This year we decided to do something different and have some professional photos taken for use on our personal Christmas Cards.  What a confusing sea of options we found.  We've pondered this idea for many months before meeting Andrea Taylor at the Dogwood Regatta this season.  She was the official race photographer for the event.  She is an expert at portrait photography as well and had brought along some samples of her work that day, which we were able to view.
What an amazing collection of portrait photos!  Andrea is good at composition and strikes a wonderful rapport with her clients.  We hired her to come out to the boat and shoot.  We came away with hundreds of candid and live action shots from which to choose.  I'm a novice photographer and we've used other professionals before.  Perhaps some of you were models for some of these attempts to get some GREAT shots.  We still weren't pleased; until we met Andrea.
How long has it been since you've had a family portrait?  Yep, I thought so.  Same problem with us too.
Well obviously I'm sold on Andrea's work and the final outcome. 
From time to time I discover rare values and opportunities and I occasionally pass them along to other students during classes, but my experience with Andrea during our shoot as well as my amazement at the outcome made me want to include my endorsement in this issue of our newsletter.  
You have to admit, I don't often feel this strongly about other businesses that we encounter, but if you'd like to capture some golden moments alone or with others you love, you really should first see what Andrea can offer you and your family.  I'm very aware that as we grow older, what keeps us young are the plethora of photos of our lives together.   Make 'em memorable!

Andrea Taylor


     So What's NEW!
New Navigation Classes

For years we've offered 3 excellent weekday evenings of classroom Coastal Navigation. 

Last season we added a 5-hour classroom lab and this season added a 2-hour daytime navigation outing plus a 2-hour night time navigation outing.

The following classes represent our excellent sequence of navigation programs:
Coastal Navigation_a:
    Core fundamentals and basic navigation theory.
 ● Coastal Navigation_b:
     Intensive lab consisting of chart plotting of five separate "paper cruises".
Coastal Navigation_c:
     A 2-hr boating navigation outing to practice Line of Position, Bow/Beam Bearing & Swinging Ship's Compass for
     Deviation Determination using hand held and electronic navigation tools.
Coastal Navigation_n:
     A two-hour boating navigation outing to practice night time navigation using lighted Radio Towers, Water Towers
     and Cell Tower LOPS. Each of these courses is unique and unmatched by any other school in Georgia and far
     exceeds the context of most other navigation programs around the country.



We've also added labs ("_b") and hands on-the-water ("_c") classes to our Celestial Navigation curriculum making our complete set of navigation courses the most comprehensive and thorough programs available.

Being on the lake after sunset is a totally new and potentially frightening experience for most boaters.  All these programs were designed to properly prepare students for safe and comfortable transiting after dark.

More New Classes

There are many topics taught during our 2 hours Sailing Outing classes.  Our Clinics provide more extensive and focused training and practice that may not be possible during a general Sailing Outing class. 

  ANCHORING I - This BASIC anchoring clinic will provide understanding and practice for picking ideal anchoring sites, getting the hook down safely, keeping it there until you're ready to leave, anchor watch tips & easy retrieval methods.


ANCHORING II - This ADVANCED anchoring clinic will provide understanding and practice with multiple anchor Bow/Stern, and Mediterranean techniques.
  MANEUVERING I - This BASIC clinic provides practice in boat handling & maneuvering including power turning, holding position against wind and current and picking up a mooring.


MANEUVERING II - This ADVANCED clinic provides extended practice in boat handling & maneuvering including turns in confined spaces; K-Turns, backing and use of prop walk and other advanced boat handling techniques.
  DOCKING I - This BASIC clinic offers practice at docking and departing safely, proactively and considering a variety of conditions and approaches.


DOCKING II - This ADVANCED clinic offers extensive practice at docking backwards and using prop walk proactively and considering a variety of conditions and approaches.


SPINNAKER - Flying the spinnaker is the ultimate thrill, when done properly. This clinic covers all aspects of preparation, packing, setting, jibing and dousing the chute.

ASA Membership With BKB Certification
Beginning October 1st, when you complete an A.S.A. Basic Keelboat Certification, a $39 one-time "Certification Fee" will be added to the cost of the exam.  This fee is passed along to A.S.A. to provide A.S.A membership and free subscriptions to Sailing Magazine and American Sailing Journal.  Each student will receive a certification card and online account in addition to valuable discount coupons good for merchandise at local marine stores.  A.S.A. will in turn establish an online database file for each student so that they can monitor and maintain their personal training and certification information.  This database will be available to charter ParticipationGuidelines.htmas a means to verify customer certifications and sailing resumes.
Christmas Gift Certificates

We've had so many calls about Gift Certificates the past 2 weeks that we've created a web page just to answer the common questions as well as suggest some gift "Packages" for a variety of recreational and holiday budgets.

   Gift Certificates
(Click For More Info)

If you have a "difficult" person
on your shopping list for this season, what better way to share some holiday joy than to invite them to join you sailing next season by giving them the gift of sailing.

If you're that "difficult" person
on someone else's holiday list, suggest that they give you sailing certificates, the gift that provides a life time of memories and joy!

2008 Web Calendar Of Classes Is There!
The first quarter's classes are already posted to the web.  Price increases are inevitable but still unknown at the time of this newsletter. Here's the deal, once a student signs up for and pays for any classes, we can not make price increases retro-active.  Once the final contracts are signed and the new prices for 2008 are posted to the web, they will take affect immediately.  Tell your relatives and friends to purchase Christmas Gift Certificates at this year's rates for use next season.  Gift Certificates do not become subject to price increases for courses!
Credit Card Purchases

 We Accept:

Many of our customers find it more convenient to authorize payment for their classes via their charge card.  If you would like to arrange authorization to use charge cards, you'll need to print the authorization form from our web "Forms" area, sign the authorization and mail it to us. For added safety you can omit your security code and expiration date then phone or email those to us separately. 

As a reminder, payments for ground school classes are due 4 weeks prior to class.  If you wish to charge payments, credit card authorizations must be received by our office at least 4 days prior to Sailing Outings and 4 weeks prior to Ground School Class dates.  Once we have your authorization on file you can use card payments at any time for subsequent classes.

To ensure the highest confidentiality and safety for your Credit Card information, charge payments CAN NOT be accepted in the class room or when boarding the boats.  Your information is stored in an encrypted and password protected database which is only accessible by our financial officer who personally processes all credit card payments.

Sailing Stories

Everyone enjoys a good "Sailing" story, particularly when they're factual.  It doesn't get any more factual than the Sailing Stories of our students have posted on our web site for the benefit of other students and sailors.  This year we are sponsoring another cruising couple as they begin their voyage. We join their story as they purchase an Island Packet 38, sell their house and move to Florida.  You'll have to go check out their story and come back each couple of weeks for updates.    Mary & Roy Stegall
The Water's Fine; Come On In!
There is no question, the lake levels have been dropping, but with the absence of the Powerboat traffic, the lake is just ideal for sailors; who know what they're doing.

We've moved some of the boats to deeper docks, but all else is fine! 

We've moved the Colgate further out dock ZB and moved the Trimaran from dock Y over to ZB where deeper water exists. 

Windsong has operated previously at similar elevations and has nearly 30 years of experience boating on Lanier, so we are confident that we will continue affording students the opportunity to continue their training through the season as normal. 

Come see Lanier as few others have ever seen it before!  Discover Sailing and an historical side of Lanier all at the same time.

To track the lake's conditions visit: for daily levels.


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     Windsong Events
Windsong Celebrates A Birthday Too!

Hard to believe but this year completes Windsong's 20th year of educational excellence! 

From a very humble beginning in 1987 we've changed a lot of lives and introduced thousands to the sport and recreation of sailing. 

Our success would not have been possible without YOU our loyal customers.

To learn more about our "roots", visit Our Story

It's Boat Show Time!

(Click above for show info)



WHEN:   January 9-13, 2008
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA



Saturday January 12, 2008 
12:00pm- Introduction To Sailing
1:00 pm- Marine 12V Systems
2:00 pm- How To Go Sailboat Chartering
3:00 pm- Sailboat Marine Engine Maintenance
4:00 pm- Introduction To Sailing

Sunday January 13, 2008
12:00-Introduction To Sailing
pm- How To Go Sailboat Chartering

New Year's Day Sail



What will be on your New Years Resolution list

     1. Sailing
2. Sailing

This is a recreational sailing special event.  Come cruise Lake Lanier and relax.

          Individuals $70.00
Couples $95.00

Limited Seating Available

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1:00 pm- 3:00 pm

 Go to Calendars and register or Call our office.



     So What's Been Going On?

Upcoming Classes
We have several seats available over the next few weeks of classes.  

You can click on the class description below for more information.

Ground School Classes:

  12/1 Basic Coastal Cruising
  12/2 12Volt Marine Electronic Systems
  12/8 Coastal Nav_b
  12/9 How To Buy The Perfect Boat
  12/11,13 Basic Keelboat Sailing Theory
  12/18,20 Advanced Coastal Cruising
Sailing Outings: (Check the web site for exact times)
  12/1   12 & 2 Sailing Outing
  12/2   12:00 Sailing Outing (Maneuvering Clinic: H-28)
  12/8   12:00 Sailing Outing (Docking Clinic: H-28)
  12/9   12:00 Sailing Outing
  12/15 12 & 2 Sailing Outing
  12/16 12 & 2 Sailing Outing
  1/01  1:00 New Year's Day Fun Sail
       T-Shirts & Hats

These are great to tell others about
            your sport





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Friends don't let their friends go through life
without experiencing sailing!

Invite someone to join you today!


                We're listening!!

Many times students' suggestions are implemented on the spot!  We pride ourselves in our customer service and attention to the needs of our students. If you have thoughts or ideas, drop us a line or give us a call.  All things are possible; you simply need to ask. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our students for their loyal support through the seasons and encourage everyone to bring one new friend along each year as you sail.  As we grow and expand our operation, we want to make our products and services available to all who may be interested, but someone has to make the introduction.  Share the love of your sport with those who may be interested in our unique collection of programs.

You'll be glad you did and so will they!